Why Do You Hate Jay McGuiness?

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Lille's POV -

Do you guys know who Jay McGuiness is?

Of course you do.

He's the second youngest member of the hottest boyband.

The Wanted.

You all love him and want to meet him; well I've met him and he's not that great.

Sure, he's got the looks. But that's all that he's got going for him right now. There's nothing else.

He is annoying.

He doesn't even know the definition of 'nice' or 'kindness.'

His personality could be compared to cardboard; blank and pointless.

Yet everyone seems to love him and want a piece of him; I really don't understand it though. If I never saw or heard from him again, then I'd be the happiest person in the world and my life would be complete.

I bet you're all wondering why I'm complaining about this when I could just ignore him, totally forget that he exists.

That's slightly difficult to do.

Especially when you're living with your brother and he's in the same band as Jay. I have no choice but to see him every single day and I have to put up with him, and his constant snide remarks; but my brother does nothing to help me.

He just thinks I'm being immature and pathetic, tells me that I need to grow up and get over myself.

But he doesn't understand how irritated I get by Jay.

You see, my brother is Max George, and I hate Jay McGuiness.

Hello guys,

This is my first The Wanted fanfic and I would love to know what you think.

I would really appreciate it and I hope that you enjoy this story.

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Thank you so much people.

Love E x

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