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You and Louis have gone golfing. He is teaching you how to golf by putting his arms around you. After a few times you get the hang of it and you actually play very well.

He takes his turn and tells you that he wants to show you something. You nod and he takes his position to hit the ball. Suddenly he lifts up his golfing stick in full force and unfortunately, you are too close and it hits you smack in the face. You stumble back in shock, your face red. Luckily, you are not bleeding.

Louis looks shocked for a moment before he comes running to you.

" Y/N babe! I'm so sorry I should have seen before swinging the stick so hard. Please forgive me!" He pouts. He looks so adorable and you know that it's not his fault. You give him a quick passionate kiss and tell him it's okay. You go home and let him take care of you the rest of the day. He even tries to make you dinner but fails and takes you out.


You are watching Liam practice boxing and you are fascinated as his punches are so strong. You stare at his biceps, a blush creeping up your face.

Suddenly, you fall back, your face hurting a lot. A tear slips down your face as you hold it. Liam had accidentally punched you instead of the punching bag! He sits beside you and hugs you tight, burying your face in his chest.

" I'm sorry love, it was a mistake"

You forgive him and he makes up for it with a kiss.


You and your boyfriend Niall are working on an art project of yours. You asked him to help you as it was due tomorrow but you had forgotten about it and would not be able to finish it alone.

"Niall, can you pass me the glue please?" You ask him. He nods and picks up the glue to pass it to you but unfortunately, he swings his arm around and hits you in the face. You wince at the pain as he crawls quickly to your side, cradling your face. He gently kisses the spot where he hit you, over and over again and surprisingly, that helps to reduce the pain.

"Sorry princess. I love you."

"Its okay. I love you too my prince" you tell him.


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