Character Introduction

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Hey guys!

Yet another random thought in my head. So basically this book is about them switching personalities so what happens next? This would be a character intro list only. Each character with a dialogue of its own.

Name: Kim Seokjin
Age: 24
Role: father of the group
"Aish. Namjoon please take care of the children while I'm out"

Name: Kim Namjoon
Age: 22
Role: mother of the group
"Why do I have to do everything? I've to cook, clean, do the laundry. Life is so unfair"

Name: Min Yoongi
Age: 23
Role: most hardworking one
"Yo guys I'm off to work. Don't be lazy and head to school, you twerp!"

Name: Jung Hoseok
Age: 22
Role: the cutest one
"Go away, Jimin. Stop disturbing me"

Name: Park Jimin
Age: 21
Role: The happy go lucky one
"But hoseokkie hyung, you're so cute!"

Name: Kim Taehyung
Age: 21
Role: the introvert
"Stop looking at me, Jungkook. Can't you see I'm reading. Leave me alone"

Name: Jeon Jungkook
Age: 19
Role: the extrovert
"Stop reading and play with me, Taehyungie hyung"

My main focus would be vkook and jihope cause that's my two top ship. So in this case instead of Hoseok chasing after Jimin, it's vice versa. And instead of Taehyung irritating Jungkook, it's the other way round. If you would like me to continue this story; please leave a vote or comment. It'll be so appreciated❤️

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