Two new babysitters!

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Me: okay syd and samson! First question: are you two ready?

Samson: of course Administrator Soulin Captor!

Me: well looks like samson knows my name already

Syd: yes

Me: syd, first question for you: can you handle equius' strength?

Syd: yes sir!

Me: okay. Syd and Samson whenever you get hurt.tell me okay? Im gonna handle it.

The two: Thank you administrator

Me: okay you two are officially applied, and the maximum wage is 500$ every 4 weeks (ps. This is not real! Or else my mom
Will delete my account and never use wattpad again.) so see you two tomorrow

The two: good bye sir!

~after the two went home~

Psiioniic: hey big bro! Looks like two new babysitters already comed here!

Me: yeah. Syd is gonna babysit Equius and Samson is gonna babysit Eridan.

Psiioniic: well bad luck for them- u-uh i mean good luck for them!...hehe.... Sorry.

Me: thats okay.

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