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Title: The Babysitter
Cast: BTS [Jungkook X BTS]
Author: kagayla

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Once you expected, it turns out to be unexpected.


"So it was all now settled right Mr. Jeon? Are you ready?" Mrs. Kim Eun Hee said. I smiled at her and nodded.

I was a bit nervous because I'm going to meet the six little boys assigned for me to take care of.

Mrs. Kim smiled at me and place her hand on my left shoulder. Her face is pretty serious and I gulp at her sudden changing. "Well Jungkook. Your work is not that easy. They're a six 'Like-Monsters-Guys' and everytime we are going to hired on the work you're in, they can't last a long even just two or three weeks." I gulp nervously at what did Mrs. Kim said. They can't last long even just two weeks? Are these boys are really that Monster? Wait did Mrs. Kim just said guys? "Jungkook?"

I came back from my senses when I heard Mrs. Kim call me. "Y-yes?" She smiled at me. "Are you ok?" This time I'm the one who smiled at her, but its a nervous smile. "Of course, I'm sorry."

"Its ok so now follow me I'm going to accompany you to their dorm." Mrs. Kim started to walk out of the elevator as I follow her behind. Wow.. they're just a little boys, but they do have a dorm already. I'm so curious what kind of the boys I'm babysitting to.

We are in the 10th floor of the Big Hit Entertainment. I really don't know this building if this is a popular or not, well I don't give a care I am here for work.

Mrs. Kim stops in front of a blue door, there was a three lettered word on it. BTS

BTS? What was that? Is it a group of new little boy group? "So Jungkook I'm going to leave you here already because they can't see me ok? Use they keys if no one opened the door. Good luck Jungkook." Mrs. Kim told me and she started to walk away.

I, I'm nervous. What if they don't like me? Nahh.. "Inhale Exhale.. Aish! Why am I so nervous? They are all just a kids." I mumbled.

I took a deep sigh and knock on the door. I waited for a minute but no one answered nor opened the door. I follow what Mrs. Kim said and use the key to open it.

Slowly, I open the door and get inside quietly the same as I close the door. The room was cold and the smell is nice. It smells like a new room. The walls are painted with white and the floor is a black granite. As I look on the floor there was a six pairs of shoes neatly arrange on the side. Why the shoes are big? Are there big guys here? Ugghh Nevermind Jungkook, mind your own business maybe the boys do have a big sizes of feet.

I take my shoes off and place it beside a black and blue converse shoes, size bigger than mine. I started to walk pulling my luggage with me, "H-hello?". I said but no one answered. Maybe they are sleeping? "Is anyone there?" I said again but the silence only answer me.

I stopped when I'm already inside of the living room. As I look around I spotted a brown haired boy sleeping on the couch. Maybe he is one of the kids I'm taking care of?

I smile at myself as I made my way to the boy but suddenly I stopped from what am I seeing, W-why is the kid is a guy? W-what? Maybe he is guarding the kids.

I stared at the guy, really? He is so handsome. I sat infront of him as I stared at him. He have a slightly tanned skin, a pointed nose, a-- "Stop staring at me, its rude." I nearly screamed when this guy suddenly talked that made me stand up.

He sat up on the couch as he look at me with those cold and daring eyes of his. I gulp my saliva as I walk backwards when suddenly I bumped into someone's chest. "Who are you?" A deep voice said behind me. I turn around and found a guy again taller than me and he looks like older than me. "Are you a thief?" The one whose on the couch said and I glared at him.

"I-i'm Jeon Jungkook! And I'm not a thief!" Aish Jungkook! What kind of answer is that?! You dumb!

Suddenly a four guys appeared behind the tall guy. The two other guys are taller than me but the two new guys are not. I look at them confuse as they look at me with the same stare as I was.

I stop for a moment as I look at them one by one. All of them are handsome. But wait! Where are the kids?

"You're Jeon Jungkook?" Suddenly the tall guy asked me. I smiled a little. I notice that they were looking at each other as if they were talking in their eyes.

"Uhh yes... Because I am here to take care of six boys assigned to me Mr." I said with a small smile. The tall guy smiled at me a little. I froze on my spot of what he just said next.

"Well, welcome Jungkook. I am Namjoon, this is Suga hyung, Jin hyung, Hoseok, Jimin and Taehyung. The one who will you going to take care of."





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