A is for Always

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Percy and Annabeth walked towards Starbucks with their hands swinging between them. As they walked. Percy whistled and Annabeth looked at the shops they were passing. One thing caught her eye. A small bakery.

"Oh, can we stop there? Please?" she asked. Percy huffed, but when the smell of cookies entered his nose, he dragged Annabeth inside. Annabeth laughed at her boyfriends childish behavior.

When they walked up to the counter, the man asked them what they wanted.

"Can I have a slice of cheesecake?" Annabeth said.

"And I'd like some chocolate chip cookies." He said, reaching into his back pocket for his wallet.

"That'll be 9.45." The man said. Percy handed him the cash and put his wallet away. When they got their food, Annabeth led them to a small table in the corner. Percy took a huge bite of his cookie.

"These are good." he said. Annabeth rolled her eyes, then her stare turned glassy as she looked behind Percy

"Not him..." she muttered under her breath.

"Not who?" Percy asked, turning around in his chair.

"Jordan Smith. He goes to my school and won't stop hitting on me." she said. Percy bit his lip and turned back around.

"Annabeth baby!" A guy called. He had auburn hair and dark green eyes. He walked up towards Annabeth and tried to put his arm around her.

"I'm not your baby and get away from me!" she said, with a dangerous tone in her voice.

"Don't be like that baby..." and then he noticed Percy, who was clenching his fists in anger. "Who are you?"

"Her boyfriend." Percy hissed, and you could tell he wanted to knock this guys teeth out. Jordan stood there looking back in forth between them until Annabeth smashed some cheesecake in his face.

"I hope you like cheesecake." she said, storming out of the little bakery. "come on Percy!" she called from the street. Percy raced after her, and when he finally caught up to her, he took her hand.

"That was amazing."

"He was irritating me."

"It was still awesome. I was about to punch him."

"I love you, you know that?" Annabeth asked with a small hint of histeryia in her voice.

"Always?" the boy questioned with a puppy dog face.


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