Concluding Author Note

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Well that's the end of our walk, dear reader. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have. Thank you for joining me.

Writing is an interesting activity. While it's a deeply personal and self-involved activity, the act itself depends so much on the support, counsel and advice of many others: fellow authors, editors, friends, loved ones, as well as the works of countless writers that one admires and learns from just by reading. Once the writing is published, it depends on the right reader finding it, and hopefully, walking away from the experience with a little something more than they had when they first encountered it.

Dear reader, I hope that you were able to find something here to take away with you. Perhaps the memory of a short but pleasant escape from reality, an interesting character, a touching moment, an unexpected twist, or an unsettling chill; maybe just enough that you'll keep your eyes opened for some other writing by Mark Leslie. Perhaps you'll even be inspired enough want to share this book with a friend you think might also enjoy it; or, if you're inclined, please leave a short review on your favourite online retailer or on Goodreads. Reviews really do help an author. The book is available, of course, free to read here on Wattpad, but is also available in print and eBook format.

So until we meet again, I bid you adieu. Be safe out there.

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