Author Note on It Creeps Up on You

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Co-authored with Carol Weekes. Previously unpublished in print.

First appeared in World Fantasy Con 2001 CD-ROM edited by Nancy Kilpatrick

CAROL AND I met through a local Ottawa area online writer's discussion group. What we had in common was we were beginning writers in the Ottawa region with a passion for writing and for horror. What I wish we had in common was brilliant writing skill. Carol, you see, is a fantastically gifted writer. I am simply in awe of her writing ability and her commitment to excellence, and am honoured for the experience to have worked with her, both in writing projects as well as co-editing Northern Fusion magazine with her.

When her first novel sells, she is going to take the reading public (and the critics) by storm. People are going to wonder how she "came out of nowhere" without realizing the years of dedication, hard work and effort she put into her craft.

Carol and I wrote this tale a year or two after we met. We'd each begun the first several paragraphs of a story that we weren't sure where to go with next; as a fun exercise, we exchanged these stories to see if the other person would be able to do something with it. "It Creeps Up On You" was Carol's start that I added onto and flipped back to her. After several similar back and forth exchanges, the tale was finished and, similar to the experience I'd had with John Strickland on "Til Death Do Us Part?" we discussed the tale and elements (though entirely on the phone and via email, because we did this after I'd moved from Ottawa to Hamilton).

I get the feeling that this story will be my "claim to fame" for my association to Carol; that and Northern Fusion magazine. Carol is a humble, down to earth and genuine person who would be the first to refute my flattery of her work and talent. But I try to follow Peter Halasz's excellent example and not give praise lightly. My praise of Carol's work is, without hesitation, completely warranted. You'd be doing yourself a favour, dear reader, to keep your eyes peeled for her writing. At the time of this writing, her short fiction can be found in Northern Frights 4 & 5, both edited by Don Hutchison, and both containing many other great tales of horror.

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