Tricky Treater

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JUST AFTER dawn on October 31, Danny Kleinner met Satan himself.

Or Satan herself, as it were.

In the guise of a thirteen-year-old child and further dressed in the garb of a nun, Satan appeared as Annie Mason, or Saint Anne, as she called herself. She showed up at the corner store where he worked, demanding candy.

"Hi. I'm Saint Anne. Trick or treat!"

"I'm sorry little girl," Danny said, fingering his goatee. "But we're not giving out candy this year."

The little girl stomped forward and thrust her pillowcase under his nose. "You don't understand. Trick or treat!"

He looked down at her, shaking his head. "Sorry."

Dressed in the cutest little nun habit that Danny had ever seen, the little girl's widened eyes beamed with an excitement that usually only filled a child's eyes on Christmas morning. Little curls of red hair peeked out of the girl's hood, matching nicely with the freckles on her face. Her small, upturned nose and pencil thin lips held an uncertain smile as she peered up at him.

For a moment, Danny realized that she was at least thirteen, and maybe just a little too old to be out trick or treating. But she was too cute to refuse, had there been anything to give out.

The manager specifically stopped giving out treats on Halloween, starting this year. It was too much of an expense to handle, she'd said. So they just had to be strict about it.

Despite the manager's new rule, Danny decided to toss a chocolate bar into Annie's bag. If the loss was noticed the manager would probably write it off as the usual shrinkage which occurred in such a store. The kid was too cute not to give her something.

"Thanks mister." Annie then marched out of the store, and Danny thought that was the last he would see of her.

Half an hour later Annie returned. "Hey mister, how about some more candy?"

Danny stuffed the magazine he'd been reading farther under the counter, his face turning red. How the hell had she entered without sounding the tiny bell above the door? Although he knew that she couldn't see what he was reading, he still felt guilty - as guilty as the first time his mother had caught him reading his father's skin magazines while curled up under the stairs.

Pulling his chair closer to the counter to hide his erection from her, he explained that he'd already given her candy even though he wasn't supposed to.

"But I want more!" Annie shrieked, running down the aisle across from where Danny sat, heading toward the chocolate bars.

"Listen, kid. Why don't you go bother someone else? I already gave you a candy bar."

As he tried to reason with her, Annie began stuffing handfuls of chocolate bars into her bag. With his erection still obviously poking out against his jogging pants, he couldn't bring himself to walk around the counter and stop her.

"Stop it!" he said.

"Come and make me!" she blurted, grabbing more candy. "You can't, can you? Afraid I'm going to see you have a boner?"

Danny's face turned bright red as he sat helpless, watching her fill her bag.

She paused, defiantly looked him in the eyes and laughed. "Must be a really good magazine for your pecker to be stiff this long after putting it away." She advanced toward the counter, his eyes still fixed on his.

Letting out a quiet gasp, Danny leaned away from her. Sure, she looked about thirteen - but her eyes spoke of an ancient and evil wisdom.

Leaning over the counter, her eyes sparkling with mischief, she said. "Don't worry, Mister Boner. I won't tell anyone on you, if you don't tell on me! Deal?"

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