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 The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers

Chapter 38 ~ Games

I turned around to see that it was indeed Walter behind me in the door way. The only reason that he hadn't attacked Eli yet was because Phoenix and Giovanni were both holding him back. Despite Walter's vicious injury, Phoenix's muscles were straining to hold him back and Gio was going pink with the effort.

Damn, Eli was going to be in for it.

"Eli what the fuck are you playing at?" Walter growled trying to rip himself free.

Eli said nothing, but instead stood in front of me, which made Walter angrier.

"Walter calm down," I pleaded stepping out from behind Eli. "I don't want you to hurt your arm."

"He tried to kiss you!" Walter shouted, glaring daggers at Eli.

"Calm down!" Phoenix said through a hard jaw. "Or I'll have to hurt you Walter."

"Please Walter, take it easy," I said staring deep into his hazel eyes which were alight with fury.

Walter let out an angry shout and tried to throw himself at Eli again.

"Just let him go then," Eli finally said. "We'll fight."

"Don't be stupid!" Gio said, almost losing his grip so that Walter was able to free an arm.

"Walter," Phoenix warned.

But Walter didn't calm down in the slightest. He was groaning in anger, throwing himself about. His chest heaving and his teeth bared. He really wanted to kill Eli, or at least hurt him very badly.

"Fine," Phoenix swiftly hooked his arm round Walter's neck and snapped at Eli. "Get the syringe."

Eli got out the medical bag and after reading a few labels on the various syringes, he passed one to Phoenix narrowly avoiding a swinging fist from Walter's freed arm.

"Don't knock him out!" I yelled frantic. Walter was already hurt, that wouldn't help.

Phoenix ignored me and injected Walter making his gasp in pain. Slowly his eyes became heavy and Walter slumped in Phoenix's arms. Walter's older brother dropped him in a heap on the floor and crossed the room to grab Eli.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Phoenix yanked his hair back.

"Fuck off!" Eli retaliated by kicking Phoenix.

"Guys," Giovanni spoke up kneeling over Walter. "His arm is bleeding again."

I rushed over to Walter and dropped on my knees besides his limp body. Giovanni was right, blood was slowly seeping through the white bandages on his arm. He must have struggled too much, and Phoenix and Giovanni's grip hadn't helped either.

"Stop fighting and help me clean this up!" I yelled at Phoenix who was still arguing with Eli. He turned to me, then his gaze dropped to Walter. Eli kicked the fridge, almost toppling it over, and stalked out.

Phoenix sighed and got down on his knees pulling out clean rolls of bandages from the bag. Muttering angrily, he unwrapped Walter's arm and cleaned up the mess giving it a fresh dressing then got up without and word leaving the kitchen.

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