{ 1 }I accidentally and unintentionally fell in love ...with a vampire 1

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I accidentally and unintentionally fell in love ...with a vampire

This is my first book tell me what you think.


I was in a house. No wait not a house, maybe a log cabin. I wasn't sure. I went to the only window. I saw trees and it was night. Then I looked down. I was in a tree house.

Ok, this is odd. How did I get here? good question, last I remember I was going to bed. But this could not be a dream. It felt too real. Suddenly I heard a floorboard creak. I froze and held my breath. The hair on the back of my neck were standing straight up. I slowly turned around.

The first thing I saw was his beautiful eyes. They weren't exactly purple. They were lighter. His eyes were soulful, intelligent. I would call them perfect except for the hidden features that cried out in loneliness and solidarity.

He was the first to speak. He said "Hello". I never knew one word could take my breath away. It was like a song. Not girly in any way but strong, solid, and in a good pitch. It wasn't high and squeaky or low and gravely. I can't even describe it. it was perfect in everyway.

In a whisper I said "hey". My voice was flat compared to him.

He was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. His hair was the color of butterscotch or caramel. His nose was the perfect size, and he had full, pink lips. Just begging to be kissed. his eyes are a little bit big but I liked that. They made him look innocent. I couldn't stop looking at him. Damn, he has an eight pack I can see it through his tight button down cotton shirt.

Unknowingly my feet moved me forward and so did his. Now we were almost touching, inches apart. He slowly bent down while I went up on my tip-toes. We were an inch from kissing. I could smell his cologne, taste it on my tongue. His breath hit my face. It was cold and sweat. I involuntarily shivered. We were two seconds away from kissing when I heard screaming and jumped up in my bed.

Next thing I knew I was in my room. I recognized the scream it was my mom yelling at me to get up. I had school in an hour. Yay I just LOVE school. I sighed. "coming mom". At least school is almost over. Then I thought about my dream. What an odd dream it felt so real. Like I was actually there. Oh well. It was just a dream.

My name is Marie Jade Christy, but everyone calls me Jade. I'm five foot three and fifteen years old, almost sixteen. My birthday is in about a week and a half, on May 25th. I can't wait. My parents say they have something special this year for me.

I went over to the mirror and groan. My brown hair, with a strip of red on the left side, is all tangled so I quickly run a brush through it. Then comes my makeup. I don't wear much, just a little eyeliner or eye-shadow. Sometimes cover-up if I need it.

Today I am going to were a little eyeliner. I then snagged my red chocker necklace put it on and quickly changed into my uniform. Yes, I know, laugh all you want. I go to a catholic school. I have to wear either a navy blue pair pants, or knee length skirt with shorts underneath. I wear the pants and the burgundy top with our school crest on the top right.

I grabbed my books and head downstairs. I tried to skip breakfast but my mom said "you're a growing girl you should eat" I groaned "agh... ill be fine" then my father said "listen to your mother" "whatever"

I grabbed a piece of toast. Its not that I don't love my parents it's just they get on my nerves. They are way, emphasis on WAY, to over protective.

My mom is tiny but very strong. Almost super strong I would say. She has the same brown hair as me but without the red. She also has brown eyes. She is about 5"5' and weighs about one twenty-five. My dad is 6"3' and weighs about two-ten. He is a solid block of muscle. He has black hair and my blue eyes.

When I was finished eating my toast I left. I had fifteen minutes to walk to school. I lived four blocks from the school.

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