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Pen Your Pride

Looking into the bathroom mirror not really looking at myself. Then something flashed in my line of sight.. I looked up and there she was. The girl from my dream. Screaming I jumped back and closed my eyes. When I looked again it was just a terrified me looking back at me. I stood up shaking my head. Laughing at myself I aproached the mirror again.Really looking at myself this time. Touching my face. I had big dark circles under my eyes. I looked like a wreck. I guess that is what not sleeping does to you.

.........................Authors POV............................

Samantha was looking over the damage the lack of sleep did to her face. Her eyes were sore and there were dark circles under her eyes giving her that sickly look. She was paler than she normally was.She laughed again to herself, shaking her head. She pointed to herself in the mirror and said, "You... You better watch yourself. None of this funny stuff. " Running her fingers through her long curly brown hair, she laughed again.The mirror image copying her every movement. She was making her way out of the bathroom.She paused for a moment.Turn to look at herself one last time. Touching her face she sighed. Then she turned again and walked out of the bathroom.

Her image in the mirror didn't move. Infact it was staring straight out and that same evil smile crossed her face. You could barely hear a laugh escape her lips as she disapeared from the mirror.

...........................End POV.................................

Making my way into the Kitchen I started my normal routine. Food. I had to have it. I could just eat once a day. But if I didn't get a bight to start my day.. it was going to be a bad day. Absentmindedly opening the refrigerator door, I glanced over all the shelves. Most of them still empty. Panicking I quickly reach for the freezer door and pull it open. Looking over the contents all that were there was some ice cream. I grab the ice cream and rip off the top to only be disappointed. Frost an inch thick covered the top. "Great" I mumble to myself.

.............. an hour later................

I'm rushing around grabbing my pink bag and my work shoes. Hey a girl has to work. "Eyeliner!" yelling like its just going to jump in my hand. I grab it and put on what I call war paint. Putting on my black work shirt and my name tag I'm off.

Going to get my bike.. Now I know what your thinking. Bike. Oh she must be a biker babe. Yeah I guess you could say so.. It has two wheels.. and no motor.. ha ha. Going to the shed and pulling out my bike. I laugh at my ride. But hey its great on gas!

 Looking at the time. I just got enough to not be late for my cashier gig at local Dollar Store. I know what your thinking. Its better than not having a job for the summer. Looking across the street before I cross, I take my chances. Feeling like someone is watching me I look behind me. A girl standing on the side walk is just standing there staring at me. Looking at her face. It was the girl from the dream.

My breath caught and my blood ran cold. When I turn around there is this car coming right towards me and my heart jumps out of my chest.


Let me know what you guys think. Comment and say thumbs up or down. Should I continue with this one?

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