The Shit Gets Real

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Felisha Was One of them typical girls. Always talking shit behind the back then when it comes to the face. My girls like elsa "Fucking Frozen"..i spoke up "What's Up Hoe?" she clearly heared me but chose to carry on walking. So I said it again but louder " WHAT'S UP HOE?" she ran to school (before I fucked her shit up).. I get in school and I'm annoyed. Melinda came to me saying " Felisha Is Telling Everyone She Beat Yo Ass To The Ground" my face dropped full of rage I ran up to her not even thinking and say "what's good?" and again she tried to run "nothing" she quickly said. I grabbed her by her nasty pony tail and dragged her ass back. I said "You Beat Who To The Ground?" Furtuna ran over to me pulling me off saying " Jesus Boy. Nonono" I let her go, look at Furtuna and laugh.

It's lunch. We're all in the sport Hall chilling. And I see how tarin be airing me so I said to her "what's wrong?" she says ( Indian accent) "why you talking to me..i dislike you. Your so fucking fake" I Laugh "Fake?" she said "Felisha came up to me telling me that your saying to people I give head." so I freeze. I walk out and say "fuck this shit. It's gone to far." I walk out of school. My mind popping. Talking to myself "I trusted this Indian bitch as a close friend. And she wants to believe this skanky Slut over me?" I didn't return to school but met everyone later.

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