~chapter 3~

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Can I just apologise for not uploading... Don't blame me cause my mom went to confiscate my phone and laptop so I was not able to use it... So here's chapter 3. Sorry if its too short... Might start another ff hehe!

~ Zoella's POV~

After that wonderful feast of nandos, me and Alfie walked through the streets of London. We walked and walked and walked but no talking. It felt really awkward. When we were walking, Alfie suddenly tangled his hands with mine. People on the street started whispering to each other. I heard a few saying :"omg! Omg omg omg omg! Zalfie! They are so perf together!" Alfie and I heard what they said and just ignored it. When e reached home, I reached into my bag and accidentally dropped my keys. When I picked them and got up,I saw Alfie's beautiful eyes staring at mine. We got closer and closer when our lips were about to clash, we heard a person taking out her/his phone and taking a pic of us. Alfie and I backed away from each other. I opened the door signalling Alfie to come in. Then I thanked him for sending me home. He thanked me for the dinner. We didn't know what to do after that for the next 2 mins but it felt really awkward. the next thing we knew was there was a black out.

~Alfie's POV~

"eek!" Zoella screamed! I hug her to calm her down and told her not to be afraid. I brought her to her room and set her in the bed.

~Zoella's POV~

It was really dark but I could still make out where his beautiful eyes were. We sat down it silence and waited for the lights to come back on.it took forever. The darkness was really really nice.(weird way to say that) Alfie and I started getting closer and closer, then suddenly our lips crashed together. There was Sparks and fireworks and rainbows and unicorns and and stuff... (unicorns...really...)

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