Chapter 1:

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Chapter 1;

The alarm buzzed around the small room and at first my reaction was just to curl over in the bed and hug the blanket even closer to my chest. It wasn't for a few minutes that it finally hit me I should get up. My eyes shot open and I pushed the blanket off of me, my eyes looking at the clock. 7.45

"Shit." I cursed lowly under my breath before I jumped out of the bed and began to dig in the small pile of clothes I had on the ground, oh come on girls, we all have one at some stage. A lock of my hair fell out into my face and I groaned pushing it behind my ear. Now just wasn't the time for my hair to annoy me.

Finally I found my jeans and I pushed off my pjs easily, pulling the jeans up while I looked in the mirror at my hair. I wasn't even surprised when I saw the fuzz ball that it was and my hand reached for the comb, brushing through it quickly.

"I'm going to be so late!" I exclaimed the time sinking in as I realised I still hadn't gotten my hair under control or even eaten yet, this was a disaster.

After what felt like an eternity I finally was dressed completely, my hair was under control and I was on my way to class. The only thing was I still hadn't gotten anything to eat.

With one bag strap strung over my shoulder I looked at my watch, 8.05 , no time for even getting a snack to keep my young. A small sigh escaped my lips before I started to walk down the hall out of the building.

College was a learning experience, I had only been here a week and I still wasn't used to it. The dorm I was staying in was for girls only, it was as if the college didn't think it was cool for boys and girls to be in the same building and honestly, neither did my mother. The classes had been fine for now, a lot of people just didn't bother going in and no one cared. I remember distinctly that if you missed a day in high school the teacher would haunt you for months about the one absence note you forgot to bring in, but there was none of that here. No one cared enough.

I smiled to the lady who was at reception this early in the morning, I felt bad that she had to just sit there all day and start really early, but when she scowled at me the feeling of guilt left immediately.

The dorms were always quiet in the morning and loud at night, basically no one was awake enough to make any noise and at night everyone was well awake for the noise to be loud enough. The building was one of the newest, it had tables with different coloured chairs at the entrance for anyone who wished to study in peace and then near the back of it, there was couches and chairs, even though it was still in the same area there was a distinct line between both. A vending machine in the corner near the toilets caught my eye, but I really had no time to even stop and snack.

I pushed the door open and was treated with a cool morning breeze. The day was promising to be a good one, with a light fog hanging in the air and I only hoped it wouldn't take the sun too long to come out.

The walk to Harold Hall was just short enough for me to make it in time. It wasn't the closest building and it wasn't the nicest building either, but I was glad to think of the warmth that it would soon bring. By now I was just too sick of the cold hanging in the air and I crossed my arms over my chest rubbing my arm trying to stay warm.

A few other people were walking by, no on seemed to be going in the same direction as me though and as they walked they walked quickly, most likely wanting to get out of the cold too. The second I saw Harold Hall, I was relieved an I looked at my watch for the time again 8.15. Perfect, 5 minutes to spare.

Everything was going to plan when I went to push open the door and when I did, it seemed to hit something in the way, making a thump. I pushed again and heard a groan come in response after another thump.

The third time I pushed there was nothing in the way and when I walked inside I was faced with a tall guy wearing all black. Could he look anymore depressing?

His expression was angry as he rubbed the back of his head, another guy standing behind him trying not to snicker. "Could you not hit me with a door next time?" He said loudly and I cringed at his words.

So that was what had been in the way when I opened the door. "Oh I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking, I thought since this was an old building that this door might be blocked by a bookcase or something.." I trailed off and bit my lip slightly. He had every right to be pissed, it definitely wasn't the best impression I was giving here.

"Yeah well you thought wrong, stupid people." He mumbled the last part and turned on his heel while he started to walk away still rubbing his head.

There was just something about him I couldn't place, like I had seen him before or something. Maybe it was just his eyes, they were the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen, even if he was angry when I saw them.

The guy who had been standing beside him suddenly erupted in laughter and shook his head while I jumped slightly not expecting him to laugh.

"Don't mind him, he's so uptight sometimes. I'm Darren by the way." He said through laughter and somehow managed to wave in between. I didn't see what was funny though..

"Skyler." I said in response and adjusted my bag on my back before I looked around the building for a minute while he still laughed, there seemed to only be a few other people here and I wasn't too surprised.

"Don't mind Luke, he's not in a good mood and then he got hit with a door, twice." He started laughing again at the end and I blushed slightly, this wasn't funny and he was only making me more embarrassed because I pushed the door twice.

I sighed slightly and rolled my eyes, Darren seemed nice but he was getting on my nerves at this hour in the morning. "Anyways I better get to class, I'll talk to you another time maybe, nice meeting you." I said and flashed a quick smile before I started to walk down the hall, his laughter was still being heard in the distance.

When I got into the lecture hall, the professor was behind his desk reading some dusty looking book and he looked deeply interested. History was definitely not a subject for everyone and I doubted that many people would show up today, but my thoughts were soon made wrong as maybe a good 50 people were in here just a few minutes before it would start.

I walked up the steps and sat in the middle row, placing my bag down at my feet while I sat back and waited patiently. To pass the final few moments I had left, I resorted to going on my phone and looking at pointless random things. It wasn't until I knew someone sat beside me that I looked up and my shock was evident in my face.

The guy I had slammed the door into, Luke, he sat beside me. For a second I lost my breath and bit my lip while he smiled "If I sit here, you won't slam a door into me, will you?"

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