Chapter 13

•Party Day Begins•

*arriving at the school parking lot*

"Thanks for the ride and the trip," called Bella and Leah, flying out of Rosalie's car, snatching their bags, and running to Bella's car.

Angela and Jessica moved at a normal pace and went to their seperate cars after thanking their driver.

Bella and Leah shoved at their stuff into the backseat of Bella's old, blue Toyota Camry and jumped into their seats. Bella reved the engine and shot out of the lot, soon to arrive at Emily's house, where Seth was.

Before the car had even been shut off, Leah sprinted inside at an unhumanly speed. Bella cut the engine and also ran inside at a humanly pace because that was all she was capable of.

She came inside where this scene greeted her eyes- Seth lying on the couch, his entire left arm and lower stomach bandaged. He was cringing from what looked like constant pain. Leah was sobbing because seeing her brother's horrid condition.

"W-what happened?" stuttered Bella, unable to comprehend what was in front of her.

Embry stood up from his seat on the floor and began explaining. "Jacob, Quil, Paul, Jared, Seth, and I were just taking a little walk along the treaty line, checking out everything, and a crazy-ass vampire dude jumped out of no where. He jumped onto Seth's back from the behind. Unfortunatley, he had been lagging behind a bit so it took us an extra second to get to him, just long enough for him to snap Seth's arm and when he was done, he trailed his killer claws along Seth's stomach. Seth was too weak and surprised to phase now, so he couldn't save himself, when we got to him, as wolves, he just ran over the treaty line, to where we couldn't get him. We called the good blood-suckers, the doctor- Carlisle Cullen, to have his family scout for the evil one, and to have him come up here to check up on Seth. He only just left." Embry sat back down. Jacob rushed out of the kitchen and up to Bella, finally realizing she was there.

"Hi, honey," said Bella and they held hands.

"Hi," he said sadly. The members of the pack are always pretty down when one of them gets injured. They sat down on the floor. The whole pack was there, plus Emily, Bella, and Seth's parents.

Everyone was carrying on small talk. "Jake?" began Bella fragily. "Is he going to be okay?"

"Yeah, he'll probably have permanent scars on his stomach though. You didn't see what that vampire did to him without the bandages." He shivered. "He's was just so young and got sucked into this horrid world..." He trailed off. Jacob doesn't really enjoy his supernatural life.

"Let's get away," suggested Bella. "You look stressed. Come on." She dragged him up and they walked out the door.

"Where are we going," he asked as they walked past Bella's car.

"The La Push beach!" she exclaimed. And they went.

*the next day at lunch- PARTY DAY*

"AHH! I'm so stressed," said Jessica, snapping her phone shut and shoving her tray on the table.

"What's wrong?" asked Bella and then bit into her rosey red apple.

"The DJ can't come! He got Justin Beaver tickets! And he's TWENTY FREAKIN YEARS OLD! And going to a JUSTIN FREAKIN BEAVER concert! GAAHHH!" Jessica slumped her head on the table. Mike patted her back.

Bella started to say something but she cut her off, "And DON'T tell me I'm pronouncing his name wrong! Because I-DON'T-CARE!"

"I think I can fix your DJ issue," said Tyler.