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"Hey, Cato!" I hear a voice behind me call, then Finnick runs past me. "Cato." A hand on Cato's shoulder stops him, making him turn around to meet Finnick's gaze. "Are you coming with us to the bowling ally?"

"Sure." Cato tells him. "When?"

"Now." Finnick simply replies and walks off.

"Um, -Okay." I hear the blond boy say and walk to his car.


"Does my hair look okay?"

"Glim, your hair looks fine." Katniss says. "We're just going bowling."

"Yeah, Brainless is right." Johanna says. "Why do you care if your hair looks good?"

"I just wanted to know if it looked like crap or not." I tell them, playing with my hair in the mirror.

"It looks great, Glimmer." Annie says.

Clove grabs my arm and pulls me to the side. "Does this have anything to do with the thing you told me about last night?"

I shake my head, smiling. "No. Not at all." My eyebrows furrow. "Okay, maybe a little." I walk back to the mirror and continue to fix my hair.

"Come on, Glim," Clove whines, grabbing my wrist and pulling them. "Today?"

I chuckle. "Okay, okay. I'm coming." I grab my stuff and walk with them out in the ally.

"Finally," Gale says. "How long does it take for girls to get ready in the bathroom?"

"How long will it take you to say goodbye to your manhood?" Johanna gestures down to Gale's pants.

"I'll be over here," Gale points to a table and walks over to it.

"Are we going to play or not?" Peeta says, clearly impatient.

"Not yet," Finnick says. "Cato's not here."

I furrow my eyebrows. "Where is he?" Right at that time, Cato and Marvel walk through the door.

"Right there." Johanna says, making me playfully roll my eyes.

Cato walks over to us with a pair of bowling shoes in one hand and a set of keys in the other. "Sorry, Guys, I had to go home and change because I got pizza on my clothes at lunch." He says.

"It's okay," I say quickly.

"Is it okay if I play too?" Marvel asks.

"Of course," Finnick says with a smile on his face. "So, we're at the first two lanes."

"Two?" Cato asks, tying the laces to his shoes.

"Yes, Cato. Two." Johanna says, holding up two fingers in his face. "You can count, right?" Cato frowns.

"Yes, Johanna, I can count. I'm rather good at it, too." He says.

Johanna shrugs her shoulders. "Okay, I just thought you were stupid."

"That's offensive." I hear him mutter as he walks to the lane where the other boys are standing.

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