Part Twelve

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First Walt perspective chapter.

Don't kill me, please.


First was the death kid with the skeleton warriors, then came the punk boy with the impossible parentage, and now this. Walt had always thought there was nothing more surprising than becoming the personification of the Egyptian god Anubis in the mortal world. But when the ground cracked open and swallowed his new friend like Korah and his followers in the desert, he was unpleasantly startled.

And to top it all up, Anubis wouldn't shut up for a moment the entire time. Every action he took, every thought that popped up in his mind, intelligent or rather ignorant, Anubis literally shouted his thoughts of it down Walt's ear. It was starting to give him a headache.

The only relief from it was the fight. When Walt fought alongside Anubis, they moved and thought in perfect harmony, like one head and heart should. Only that there were two souls: one mortal and one godly.

Walt opened his eyes. He felt rough concrete beneath him, and his body lay loosely about the ground, directly beneath the lamppost. He regained his posture, still dazed, and stared ahead.

The "evil-trio" seemed to have a much higher recovery rate. Not to mention the recovery of the gaping hole. It had now reduced to a thin crack in the ground between him and the three. The force of it must have knocked them all out for a few seconds, possibly a few minutes.

No one moved a muscle after standing. Kai and the two others were staring at him from across the square, wide-eyed. They seemed to have noticed that their Hell hounds had all disappeared along with Nico.

Finally, Kai chimed out with his Irish accent: "Now what the bloody hell was that?"

Picking up the UK-swearing mood he'd learned much of from Sadie, Walt glared at him daggers. "I might bloody well ask you the same thing!"

Kai looked down at the crack on the ground, then at his two frozen companions. Slowly, he bent down to pick up the white string of yarn that lay loosely on the ground at his feet.

"This wasn't supposed to happen." His voice vocalized his infuriated expression. "Father, why?"


Ugh, I know. But... didn't have much time.


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