Chapter Seventeen

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"He just put his hand up my shirt and over my boob, but he didn't do anything, like squeeze it. He literally just sat it there and let his hand heat up my breast!" I whisper shouted.

"What the fuck, in the middle of a coffee house? Darcy!" Amelia squealed.

"Wait so he's touched your boob but you haven't even kissed yet?" Violet seemed to be happy for me, which is the complete opposite of how I thought she would react.

"Well, we -" I got cut off by Amelia and Violet at the same time "You kissed?!" They nearly shouted, making me tell them to shut up.

"No no no, but earlier today he came in to my room when everyone was picking their rooms and long story short I told him he can stay for one night if he doesn't touch, talk, or try anything with me and he like lay down on top of me and told me he can't promise anything, then told me how he wanted to kiss me" I was slightly out of breath as I tried to get it out as quickly as possible.

"Wait you didn't kiss him? What did you say?" Amelia seemed all to interested in this conversation.

"I told him he could kiss me when he isn't involved with other girls" I looked down at the white bed sheets underneath me, not wanting to make eye contact with the girls.
When I did look up they both looked at me apologetically and smiled.

"Hey at least we have pizza" Violet laughed taking a bite out of the slice she had just picked up.

The three of us were currently sitting in the room that Amelia and Violet are sharing.

I took one of the last slices of pizza, leaving two left over which were for Nate. He didn't sit in here with us, and told us to leave his some.
"Is Olivia with Cam again?" Amelia asked, rolling her eyes.

"Yeah, they say they aren't dating. But I know they've hooked up a couple times and it's so obvious they're in love. It's gets frustrating, that they can't just admit it to each other" Violet rolled her eyes and stood up.
"Did you guys bring bikinis? Or something to swim with?"

"I did, I brought my cute really pale pink polka dot one, it makes me look good" I fake smirked at the girls making them laugh.

"Did you Amelia?" I asked

"Yeah, I just brought my white strapless one that you have to tie, it's cute" She smiled.

"We should totally go to the hot tub, it's not that cold yet, and it's dark so it will be cool" Violet rushed, getting excited.

"Oh my god, yes! I'll go get changed" I jumped up from the bed and ran through to my room, going through the drawers where I put my underwear to find my bikini. Once I had found it I didn't even think twice before taking off my socks, jeans and underwear to replace them with my bikini bottoms. I pulled off my top and put my bikini top on, struggling to clasp it at the back as it wasn't just like a bra one, and it had to go a certain way.

"You need any help?" I gasped at turned around, making sure I held my bikini against my body as the back was still undone.

"How long have you been standing there?" I began to blush as William just stared at me, thankfully he kept his eyes on my face.

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