Part 7 😆

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Monday afternoon. Your dad called and said he's still gonna be over at his "Girlfriends" house. You were watching netflix, Raph said he would be over a bit late. You were ok with that though; even though he was a turtle, he still had a family, responsibilities, and stuff. It was around 6:30 pm. You hear a knock on the door. you were about to get up but you didn't hear anything after that, so you just relaxed again putting the popcorn bowl on your lap. Then you hear another 2 knocks. "Ugghhh.." you get up lazily, put the popcorn down and start walking over to the door. You look through the peek hole in your apart- your dad's apartment door. And you see your ex. "what do you want?" "I want to talk to you" "no thanks." "w-wait!" "what." "Can i come in, i want to see your face when i talk to you." "No." "please?" "No." "please? Just for a moment..please.." Those old eyes..It struck some kind of nerve"...Fine." you answered sternly. You unlocked the door and you opened it. "what?" "I want you back. i should have never let you go like that. And It was a huge mistake. Please, give me another chance. I know you have a boyfriend now, but please. No one kisses like you do. No one loves like you do. No one pampers like you do!" he lifted his hands up to you then back down as You raise your eyebrow at him and then roll your eyes along with your head. "No. Now go away." He out of no where puts you against the wall and started to kiss you. He bit your lip softly, put his tongue in your mouth without permission. You couldn't move, he was too strong for you, you couldn't even budge. Then in 2 minutes his hands loosed and you thought fast and took what was closest to you. and that was the living room lamp and swung it into his gut. He crunched over in pain and back away out of natural reflex and you slammed the door into his head and made him back out into the hallway and he hit the wall. You sighed in relief, you were fairly shaky, you never hurt anyone in your life. ever. You fast walked over to your bathroom and washed yourself up. You washed soap on your lips then you brushed your teeth and mouth to get his disgraceful saliva out of your mouth. You were so..upset with what just happened you just went to sleep. Raph would understand.


You were getting worried. you kept texting raph "Hey ^.^ " 1:20 pm
" Hey wanna come over today??" 1:30pm
"Raph? are you there? " 3:30 pm
" hey you ok? :i " 5:00 pm
" Raph? is your phone dead? :/ " 8:00 pm
"Raph i'm getting worried. Wats wrong?" 7:45 am next day
"Raph, i'm, coming over today, i'm scared. 0.0 " 9:30 am

That day you went over to see Raph. He was benching weights. You walk over in your cream dress with some blue accents. You were behind him. "R-raph?" he didnt answer. "Raph, i've been texting you. how come you haven't been texting back?" you asked as sweetly as you could. To not irritate him. He didn't answer he kept lifting acting like you weren't there. You were welding up in your throat. You walked over to the couch where donnie was fixing something small. but you didn't take your eyes off of Raph when you walked over and sat down. then you looked around you noticing Donnie was doing something but you were to worried about Raph. "Donnie?" You asked. "Whats up?" he said still concentrated. "I-is there something wrong with Raph. he wont talk to me." Donnie's eyes rose from his device to you. "He did storm into the lair last night. he said he went to visit you but he didnt say anything else." You were soo confused. you had no idea what was wrong with him. You walked over to give it another whirl. "Raph. Whats wrong?" you asked a bit frustrated but not showing it. you had to be calm cause if your angry he'll get angry. He put his weight back and stood up and walked away to the kitchen. Your head was twitching between donnie and Raph. You walked over to Raph over at the refrigerator getting a water bottle. You looked back at donnie still looking at the two of you and you turned your head towards raph. you were fairly scared, Raph was big, had a temper that could lose control easily. You were secretly afraid he would break you sometimes. "R-Raph? Um is there anything you wanna talk about?" you asked. Raph slammed the door making you jump alittle. "Is there anything you wanna talk about?!" He sassed back with a bit of yelling. You looked at him with such surprise. You looked at him. His facial expression was serious and fairly angry. " D-did i do something wrong?" You asked confused. "I dont know! How about you ask your boyfriend!" he yelled. Your eyes red ready to cry but you held it back. "Um..uh ok Raph did i do something wrong?" He stopped in his trail. "I saw you." there was silence for three sloowww seconds. "I saw you with that boy that dumped you!!!" he rampaged. You gasped and covered your mouth. "Raph its not what you thou-" you were cut off. "THATS EXACTLY WHAT YOU'D LIKE ME TO THINK ISN'T IT!!" "R-R.." You tried to explain but you broke down crying and ran into the bathroom. He followed you and when you closed the door he Banged on the door with his fist. "Y/N GET OUT HERE!!! GET OUT HERE!" Donnie and leo intervened. "Raph! What are you doing?!" Leo asked annoyed. "NON OF YOUR DAMN BUISINESS!" Raph shouted. "DONT YELL!" You were leaning against the door crying harder than before cause of the fighting. "Raph. Did you even want to hear Y/N's side?" Donnie again being a psychiatrist. Raph getting annoyed and pounded on the door again " Y/N GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE!" You crawled over to the cabinet and got inside of it and closed the door and cried and it was getting harder and harder for you to breathe. "Raph. How is that going to help? Do you truly think someone is gonna come out when your yelling at them and telling them what to do." Donnie implied. Raph sighed. " ..Y/N can you come out?..." His voice still stern and tense. "No." "Why NOT!" "C-cause your y-y-yelling." Raph facepalmed and looked at the ceiling. He sighed. "I wont yell." His voice way more calmed down. there was silence for 10 long seconds. the door knob wiggled and the door opened slowly. Your reddened eyes met his green ones. "R-Raph. *Sniff* Idk what you saw but he forced it on me. he told me he wanted me back. I kepted saying No, No, No but *sniff* *Breathe heavy* but *little cry* he wouldn't leave. Then i took a lamp and gutted him with it and slammed the door on his head. *sniff*" You look up at him His eyes were softened and apologetic. He kneeled down and he hugged you. "I'm sorry, Y/N" You held in your cry but it would escape alittle. He petted your back and your hair. he rearaanged his head and put it on your head. "Soo uh your dating?" Donnie asked. Raph and you looked at him. "yea." you both answered at once. You both laughed a bit.

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