Part 4 😃

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Hey lovelies! I'm not gonna make her whole ex-boyfriend an issue through the WHOLE story. That would be just annoying! Sooo Raph told me he's got a surprise for his lovely lady pretty soooon. (YOU!) :D have fun ^.6

You woke up at 10:30 and you started thinking about you horrible ex boyfriend who just didn't care. He used you for his own personal gain. To make himself feel better and Physically Good. You looked through your phone Deleting his old messages. You took your pillow and held to your face and screamed "Bastard!" And you just kept screaming to get the saddened frustration that was rotting in your guts. You got up and went to your dad's stash of whatever he had in here. You were never allowed to know why but now you did. He had a bong, some pot, cigarettes, and some weed. You didn't care what happened to you today. In your eyes, no one cared for you, no one appreciated you, no one even thought to take a second glance at you, and in your state you felt like no loved you. Besides the turtles you really had no friends outside of school. Sure you had those 4 friends you sit at lunch with but you never saw them outside of school. When they would do activities such as shopping, renting movies or going to the movies or ANYTHING. They just wouldn't include you. You sat there just inhaling the weed in front of the couch. You set some candles up so the neighbors down stairs or upstairs can't smell you. "God! I really want some pixie sticks!" you complained loudly. You crawled over to your room with the weed in your mouth just like Raph holds his toothpick. You got into your underwear drawer where you would hide your candy from your dad so he doesn't take it away from you. He's kind of a jerk. You found chocolate, butterscotch, and some Blow Pops. You complained for like 20 minutes out loud to no one about how you didn't have pixiesticks. "OH.Oh.Oh.OH.OH! I gotz an idea." You stood up and fell backwards on your butt without hesitation. "...Ow." You got back up and you climbed out your window and went down to fire escape. You walked out into the street of moving cars . You stopped at the manhole and a taxi almost hit you. Its honked over and over. You turned your head and put your index finger on your lips and said "Shhh." In a whisper loud voice and Petted the hood and hugged it and said "Its alright." A man came coming at you out of his taxi. "Hey Taxi! Did you know there was a man living inside of you!!" She asked loudly. You got off the car and opened a manhole and went down into it without closing it up. You purposely splashed you slippers all around in the dirty sewer water for fun. And the water for some reason, felt really good against your skin. Your pajama shorts were getting all grossed up from the splashes and your shirt was getting there too. Your hair was not brushed out. You arrived at the lair and you were walking down the stairs and by the last step you tripped and landed flat on your face. "I'm ok!" You yelled. You looked for them everywhere. You assumed they went somewhere cause they certainly weren't here. (they were in the Dojo but you didn't no that.) You pretended to be a ninja and hid behind columns in their home, and you rolled yourself over to Donnie's room. Like you know how you roll down a grassy hill? That kind of roll. You always knew Donnie had a thing with powdered treats. He would hide his goodies under his bed in a cardboard box. You crawled underneath and used your index finger to get it; you grabbed the box and opened it. You found like 3 packages of pixie sticks, 6 Snickers, a package of kettle popcorn, and 3 packs of Pocky. Donnie would eat them through the months and then restock up. You opened a pack of pixiesticks as fast as you could and your ripped two open at once with your teeth and you just let the sugar race down your throat like a fountain. After about 8 of them you were getting really thirsty. And just as soon as you were finishing up your 9th one, a curtain was opening while he was texting something in his phone. He looked up to look at his room and saw you in his candy and with weed in your hand. "heeeyy don! Hey-hey-" You were cut off. He put his hands on his head and softly yelled "MY STASH!". You were standing up and walking over to him with your knees weak and you were about to fall but he caught you by your arms and lifted you up onto your feet. He looked at your hand that held the weed. He looked at you again and saw your sleepy eyes. "A-are you smoking weed?!" He exclaimed worried. "pfft no." you poorly lied. He sighed and put you over his shoulder seeing how you were too weak to walk. He turned around to close his curtains and that gave Raph the time he needed to; to realize you were plopped over his shoulder. Raph was surprised and worried but it wasn't sketched onto his face. You were playing with the equipment on Don's back. You started slapping a tube like a cat and watched it bounce back. He sat you down in a chair in between Mikey and Leo. You laid your arms out on the table and kept stretching them. You bent your head up towards the ceiling inhaling the air. "GOD! That..smellss...soooo good!!" You Praised being over dramatic about it because it was only a pepper and cheese pizza. "Whew! Y/N you smell..Smokey." Mikey spat. Donnie sat down across from you. "Y/N why were you smoking weed?" Donnie asked sternly and as serious as she has ever seen him. The turtles all looked at him in shock of what he had just asked you. Then they're eyes drew over to you. "I told you I'm not smoking!" You stubbornly denied. Then your eyes wondered over to Leo's eyes. And you just stare at him. "What" he questioned. "your eyes are SOOO BLUE!! CAN I HAVE THEM?!" You blurted. Then you look over at Mikey. "They're sooo prettyful!" You again blurt. You take a slice of pizza and shove it all in your mouth as fast you could. You felt like you haven't eaten in a whole month. "Y/N? whats wrong. Its not like you to want to do something like that." Donnie stated. You stood up and yelled "Because no one loves me!" out of frustration; also cause the weed brought up some more estrogen that a usual female would have. And with that you stormed off out of the lair. "N/Y WAIT!" Donnie called out to you. But you ignored him. Leo, Donnie, raph, and mikey went out looking for you. But they didn't know you were already home by then. By 6:45 pm they just went home except Raph. he wanted to check one more place he hasn't checked. He went to your window to see you were crying. He knocked on it with his knuckle. You turned around with your eyes red along with your face. You slid off your bed and walked over to Raph. You opened the window. "hi." You said softly. "hey..Mind if I come in?" he politely asked. You signaled it was ok for him to come in. He stepped in and closed the window. You sat down on your bed with your face; facing the floor. He stood there awkwardly for about a minutes or two. He then decided to sit in front of you on the floor. "Y/N?" you didn't look at him but you were listening. You sniffed. He sighed. "Look, I'm sorry that your boyfriend broke up with you but that doesn't mean no one doesn't love you. We love you, all of us. And that includes me!" Raph told her feeling his face heat up. You looked up at him with a smile and tear stained cheeks. He got up and sat next to you. He wrapped his big muscular arm around you and pulled you in for a hug to make you feel better. Your heart was racing, you didn't know why. When you guys pulled away, you guys talked for about 20 minutes. "hey Raph?" "Whatz up?" "I-I'm sorry for yelling then running out on you guys. It was really immature." You apologized with your face beaming red. For some reason you would always have this odd urge to cry when apologizing. You tried really hard to keep in your tears and you bit you lip. Although Raph saw it as you blushing, and you trying to be cute. He smiled and said "Its alrigh'. I do it all da time 'cause of splinta' Jr." You laughed at him and you kinda thought his accent was oober cute! It was around like 8:25 pm. "O my gersh! Its almost 8:30. I gotta finish my homework and do stoof. And freakin' skewl (school)." You fell backwards on your bed and did a complaing "uuggghh!" He chuckled and patted your leg and got up. "you'll be okaaayy..Well I better go. The guys don't know where I am." And with that he left and you did your own thing through the night.

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