Chapter 5 The Battle Begins

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Play: Character Boss fight/Silver rival battle- Sonic 06/Sonic Generations

In Emerald Coast where Sonic, his brothers, and some of their friends are having a little downtime at the beach, but unfortunately it was interrupted by Scourge and his team known as Team Destructix. Now Sonic his brothers and his friends are facing off against the Destructix as the battle will begin.

Scourge then lead the charge against Sonic, as Sonic did the same. All chaos broke loose between Team Destructix and the Sonic Heroes. Sargent Simian was throwing blows against Knuckles as the red echidna threw a punch at the gorilla's stomach sending him back, but Simian then shoulder charged into Knuckles as a counter. Knuckles got on his feet quickly and on time as he saw Simian charging up a left hook, but Knuckles counter with an uppercut and with windup punch.

Tails and Predator Hawk are having a fight in the sky as Predator tried to dive-bomb Tails, but the two tailed fox avoided this and then kicked the bird in his chest making him falter a bit, but Predator then counter by flying up and punching Tails in the face, the little fox cub got back up and spin his two tails quickly and then slammed into the blue hawk.

Flying Frog was having a bit of trouble when facing off against Silver with his psychokinesis. FF came in from above and slammed into the hedgehog with his two feet. Silver then used a psychic shockwave and shocked the frog badly, but he shook it off and used his tongue to garb onto a nearby branch and then he glided towards Silver with a punch ready, but Silver quickly dodged the punch and then sent a psychic arrow towards the frog blasting him and making him falter and slam into the ground.

Lightning Lynx and Wiley were clashing like mad as Lightning used his speed to outmaneuver the coyote, but Wiley used his blaster and like a sniper focused his shot and blasted where Lightning will be next then he blasted where the lynx will be and sent Lightning into a tree. The lynx stood back up and then sent a kick at the coyote sending him towards a clump of rocks, but Wiley then used his claws to grab onto the ground and slowed down his approach to the rocks, then charged back towards Lightning to continue their fight.

Shadow was having a breeze with Fiona as she kept trying to hit him but Shadow kept teleporting away from her using chaos control. Shadow then reappeared behind the female fox and gave her a roundhouse kick that sent her to the floor. She got back up and used this opportunity as she landed a flurry of kicks on Shadow sending the black hedgehog near the water. He got back up and spin dashed into Fiona, but she then bounced off a tree and tried to punch Shadow, but he caught her punch and slammed her into the sand.

Sonic and Scourge are fighting each other with their abilities as Sonic and Scourge kept duking out punches and kicks at each other. They both got sent back and they both charged up their own spin dash. When both are charged up they collided into each other pushing each other back. Then it got canceled out and Sonic then used an uppercut catching Scourge off guard, but Scourge then rushed Sonic and elbowed him into a tree. Sonic then jumped up and delivered a homing attack, but Scourge then used his own homing attack to counter. The two hedgehogs kept countering each other with their homing attacks, until Scourge slammed Sonic into the ground and tried to stomp on him, but Sonic gave an axe kick on Scourge sending him back.

Sonic then tauntingly said "Had enough Scourge????" Scourge smirked and said "Not even close, besides Terminator didn't even eat yet but now it looks like he will now." The green hedgehog pointed up and Sonic sees a pair of jaws about to bite him, but Sonic dodged out of the way and sees the Giganotosaurus roaring at him and trying to bite Sonic. Scourge then slammed the blue hedgehog to the wall and grabbed him by his brown bandanna. Shadow noticed this and shouted "SONIC NO!!!!!!!!!!!" Scourge then said "Hehehe looks like this is the end for you now you will bow to the king baby!!!!" He then dragged Sonic to where Terminator is waiting. Scourge then called out "Ok Terminator eat up!!!!"

Sonic looked up weakly and sees the dinosaur getting ready to bite, but just as he was a bout to bite Sonic, big footsteps are heard as the Destructix were confused on what these footsteps are.

Play Costa Rican Showdown 4:13-4:37

Sonic stood back up adjusting his bandanna and stood in front of the forest and said "Well Scourge it looks like you're getting a piece of you're own medicine!!!" Scourge got confused and asked "Whaddya mean by that????!!!!!" Sonic smirked and said "You're not the only one with a pet!!!!" As soon as Sonic said that a massive head came through the trees as a big body came through after revealing a familiar face to the heroes and a shocked face on the Destructix even Scourge himself. Sonic then smirked and said "Meet our pet, JUNIOR!!!!!!" The T. rex the gave out a loud roar that challenges that of Terminator giving them a real battle.

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