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Omniscient POV

The 5 of them stood there, watching the fiery ship sail away, the rest of the village behind them. A tear streamed down an auburn haired mans cheek as he watched the ship sail farther and farther out to sea. In his arms he held a five year old girl, another five year old boy grasping his leg. His wife by his side with their six year old son standing to her right.

"Hiccup, we are all going to miss her. She was an amazing women and a wonderful mother and grandmother." His wife, Astrid, tried to comfort him.

"I know, I just can't believe the kids won't have much of a memory of their grandma." He said, wiping away the tear that ran down his cheek.

"Its okay Hiccup, we will make it through this. Me and you."

"I know we will... Will you take the twins and Aaron home, I have some chief work to do before I come home." He asked her, setting down his five year old by the other one, he looked them both in their eyes before talking to them.

"Abbey, Hayden... Go with your mother, I'll be home later to play."

"Okay daddy. Come on Hayden." Abbey said, pulling Hayden along with her.

Hiccup watched as the two twins joined their mother, Abbey's auburn hair rolling down her back in a single braid which Astrid would put it in every morning. She reminded Hiccup of Astrid a lot. Just the little things Abbey did or said reminded him of Astrid. Aaron was a lot like Astrid too, including the blonde hair. Abbey and Aaron were both intrigued by their mother's vast collection of weapons. And then their was Hayden. He kept to himself, not joining his brother and sister in their games. He liked to sit and watch his father work with metals in the forge, it fascinated him.

Both of the twins had auburn hair and bright blue eyes. Abbey was born first, but only by a minute. She was also taller then Hayden. Hayden was much like Hiccup, he was frail and small and was an excellent drawer for a five year old. He would come up with ideas and draw them out. Sometimes Hiccup would take Hayden's ideas to the forge to bring them to life, giving Hayden something to tinker with which only furthered his fascination.

Hiccup often played games with twins, Aaron sometimes played too, but he was often to busy admiring his mother's axe. Hiccup would tell the kids to go hide and then he would find them. When he found them, they would run away and scream for their mom, saying the monster was after them. Hiccup would pop around a corner and scare them, engulfing them in a hug, falling to the floor with them in his arms yelling "I got you now, you'll never get away!" The kids would yell and giggle even more and Hiccup often heard Astrid laughing in the corner of the room. Sometimes she would join in and help "capture" the kids. And sometimes the kids would switch the game up and tackle Hiccup to the floor, "defeating the monster."

All of Astrid's dreams have come true, or so she thinks. She got her little girl she wanted which also came with a surprise brother, Hiccup has accepted being chief and has gotten use to the fact, and they have made peace with most of the neighboring islands (there are still a few they are working treaties out with). Her life was perfect she couldn't ask for anything better.

Now as for the whole gang, well they have sort of split up. Sure they still see each other for breakfast lunch and dinner, but they never hang out. Everyone has a family of their own now. Ruffnut and Snotlout have a 5 year old girl named Rain. Fishlegs and his wife, Harper, have a 6 year old girl, Hope, and a 5 year old boy, Fletcher. Tuffnut and his wife, July, have a 4 year old boy named Thane.

A big black Night Fury landed beside Hiccup and nudged his hand. The Night Fury, like his rider, has aged a little. His midnight black scales weren't as black as they used to be, but he was still the same old funny Toothless. Night Furies were no longer rare anymore, Toothless had changed all that when they found another Night Fury on an island a year or two ago. Now Night Furies were as common as Nadders. Even though they are common, everyone still remembers Toothless as the first one.

"I'm going to miss her bud." Hiccup said, rubbing Toothless's head. "Both my parents are gone now, the only relatives I have left are Snotlout and his dad and mom." He continued on. "I just can't believe she is really gone."

Toothless grumbled at him and bowed his head, signaling for his rider to come on a flight. Toothless loved to fly especially when it got dark, but it was the middle of the afternoon and Hiccup had work to do.

"Sorry bud, I can't right now. Maybe when I'm done we can take the kids to Itchy Armpit or somewhere." Hiccup tried to reassure his friend. Toothless nodded his head understandingly and waddled off to go lay in the grass.

Hiccup turned back to the ocean, searching for a last glimpse of that fiery ship. The ship was long gone by now and Hiccup knew that, but still he searched.

"Goodbye, Mother." He whispers before walking to the Great Hall to finish his chief work.
Author's Note:

So that's the end. I'm so sad that this book is over with. This Epilogue was kind of sad too, but hey that's what I was aiming for.

So I'm saying this one more time, just as a reminder. I will write a sequel to this book, but ONLY if you guys want it. So if you want a sequel you can either tell me in the comments or just press the vote button thing to vote for this story and I'll count that as a vote on wanting a sequel.

Also I did something special with the names I gave the kids. This way, if there is a sequel, it will be easier to know who belongs to who and if they are male or female. The only one who doesn't really fit into this pattern like thing is Aaron. So yeah what I did was, I took the parents name and if the kid was a girl then I used a name that had the same first letter that their moms name has (Ex. Ruffnnut/Rain, Astrid/Abbey). I did the same thing with the boys except for Aaron (Ex. Tuffnut/Thane, Hiccup/Hayden).

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