Chapter 3: A Scourge of chaos

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As the heroes are having fun the three members of Team Destructix are rushing back towards their secret lair and where the rest of the group is hiding out. Lightning Lynx then found the entrance to their base as he pressed a brick on a brick wall in an alley way near Station square's train station. Predator Hawk and Flying Frog then went through quickly as Lightning then closed the secret passage. The trio then went through a long hallway leading to an iron door.

FF then asked in an insane voice "So when will we get to destroy and finally get rid of that blue idiot?????" Predator then replied as he sheathed his talons under his gloves "When Scourge tells us when the time comes that is when we make our move." Lightning than said "Well it better be quick because I want to destroy that blue punk so we can get things going again." The trio then is approached by a big gorilla with brown fur, a military hat on his head, a strap that goes across diagonally on his left side. He is also wearing green and brown camouflage pants and green boots with a hint of brown on them, and on his shoulders he has green combat plates with black and white stripes on them. This is Sergeant Simian and he is the muscle of Team Destructix, he came up to the trio and said "It's about time you guys came here, Scourge is waiting for you."

The gorilla then let the trio through the door and simian followed them. The door lead to a big room with two figure in there one was a female fox with red fur and brown hair that is tied up in a pony tail by a yellow bow. She is also wearing a black leather suit made for bikers and has black boots with red stripes and also wears fingerless gloves. This is Fiona the Fox or Scourge's girl.

The other figure is a green hedgehog with icy blue eyes and has a pair of red sunglasses. He has a black leather jacket with flames on it and on each of his wrists is a red wristband connected to his white gloves. He also has black shoes with red sports tape and on his chest lay 3 claw marks, also has a red bandanna. This is the boss of the Destructix who is none other than Scourge the hedgehog himself.

The trio then saluted him as Scourge then said "So what did you guys find out about my weaker clone???" Predator rose up and said "We have found out that his brothers, some friends and Sonic himself will be at the Emerald Coast for a little fun at the beach." Scourge smiled a toothy grin and said "Well then if that loser wants to have a little downtime, then we'll have to make his beach day a living nightmare and then he'll learn to bow down to the king!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" Fiona then seductively asked "So how are we going to destroy them then honey????" Scourge smiled and turned his head towards a very large opening and said "Hehehe well babe we're not only going to beat Sonic and his friends and family, but we'll use our friend as well." Scourge then whistled into the tunnel and a loud roar was heard and really big footsteps are heard. The group smiled as a gigantic shape in the form of a giganotosaurus came out and lied down near Scourge's handmade throne.

The dinosaur is a dark red color with black patterns all over his body. He has long slender teeth for slashing and cutting in his mouth and has a row of spikes starting from his forehead all the way to his tail. He has three claws on his fingers attached to his long arms. Near his right eye laid a long scar that went all the way to the base of his upper jaw. Near his spikes there is a pinch of blue on the upper part and his eyes are a dark red mixed with a bit of crimson.

Scourge then scratched the dinosaur's head and said "We'll use good ol' terminator here to finally destroy the loser and his worthless friends!!!!" Scourge then stood up and said out loud "Alright gang let's show that blue freak that Team Destructix is back and badder than ever!!!!!! Let's move out!!!!!!!"

Hearing the command from their 'king' Team Destructix then walked out and then rushed towards the location of where Sonic is, lead by Scourge as Terminator ran behind them charging through causing a rampage as they all headed for their target.

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