Chapter 12

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The next day all the trainees were lined up and we could all see it was going to be one if those days, the days when Sir Aaron drones on and on about tactics, and when to challenge someone, when not to challenge someone, rules of being a knight, etc, etc.

Suddenly Caelea's thoughts burst into my mind. Uh, Fin?

Yeah, Caelea? You do realize I'm in training right?

We have a problem.

And what would that be? I asked, fully expecting her rock pile to have fallen over.

That's the problem. She said sending me an image of her looking up from outside the cave, and on a ledge above the cave, stood my dad, staring straight at Caelea.

Caelea, Run. RUN!

I tensed where I was standing, desperately hoping that Caelea was running, and that she would get away and I wouldn't have to reveal everything I had been hiding for the past few months. A few minutes later, Caelea's voice echoed through my head.

Alright. I made it into the forest, and I don't hear sounds of pursuit.

Do you think you can stay there until I can get outta here?

Yeah, probably.

But Caelea hiding in the forest quickly became not an option, as my dad's voice suddenly rang out through the arena.

"Aaron! Aaron I need you!"

Sir Aaron stopped talking about the proper way to challenge a rouge knight, and looked at my dad. "Thiel, you do realize I'm discussing an important topic here, right?"

Everyone looked at my dad, waiting for his response. "This is a lot more important than rouge knights, Aaron. I found a dragon, hiding in Dragon's Keep. And I think my son has been conspiring with it." he said, staring directly at me.

I felt everyone's eyes pointed in my direction. "W-what?!" I spluttered, feigning indignation. "That's insane!"

"Is it?" My dads eyes narrowed.

"Regardless," Sir Aaron, said, stepping between us, "Thiel, why didn't you kill it?"

"It was a small dragon, probably only a few months after hatching, but it ran away into the forest. Aaron, you're a much better tracker than I, and as you know small dragons don't leave large tracks so I came to get you."

"Hmm. And you think Fin is conspiring with it because...?"

"Why doesn't matter, but he can easily prove his innocence."

"How's that?" I asked, hoping desperately it wasn't what I though it was. Unfortunately, it was.

"He can come with us, and he can kill it."

In no time at all a tracking party was put together including, me, my dad, Sir Aaron, Billy, since he was the second most advanced trainee, and two archers each equipped with strong bows and a quiver of arrows.

We set off into the woods, my dad directing us to where he saw Caelea run off.

I could see small marks of her passing through my enhanced vision, small scuffs in the ground where her claws had dug into the soft earth, and prayed Sir Aaron couldn't.

My hopes were dashed when I saw Sir Aaron point, the start walking in the same direction.

Caelea, find somewhere to hide!

Already on it!

We continued on for about another half an hour before I heard a shuffling sound and unintentionally looked to where the noise had come from, spotting a electric blue tail disappear around a tree.

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