42. Changes

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As we were descending back to earth, I was beginning to feel comfortable. I was anticipating for my feet to be safely back on the ground. I also knew there were going to be rowdy fans.

Whether I'm seen with Justin or not, this is now apart of my life. I have to deal with it. 

"Shut up... Shut up! SHUT UP!" I whipped my head in the direction of the outburst.

Sammie was concealing her face from the unwanted attention she was gaining. Za was sitting next to her, giving an unfamiliar expression.

"I wonder what's that about?" Justin said. 

"Probably last night. Maybe she's regretting it." I assumed. 

"How do you feel? We have rehearsal once we land." Justin moved my hair out my face. 

"Fine. Are you okay?" 

"I'm cool." He glanced at his phone.

I curiously took a quick glance at it. There's something going on. I'm pretty sure my answers are all in his phone. I didn't want to be that nosey girlfriend that invades her boyfriend's privacy. That doesn't mean I'm not curious as hell about the mystery call.

"When we get off the plane, I don't want you to cover your face." 

"Why not?" 

"Because your my girlfriend and you should hold your head high, instead of hiding."

I didn't nod or shake my head. I simply looked out the window, preparing myself for what's about to come. To my surprise, when we got off the plane and through the airport, fans were very welcoming to us. Justin squeezed my hand I looked to him. 

"Let's take some pictures." He smiled. I was very hesitant. I was actually scared to get closer to his fans. I don't hate them. They just are so unpredictable.

I bit the inside of my cheek and walked forward. I love his relationship with them and if he trusted them, I had to give them a chance. We walked over to the gate and there were many open arms.


I happily granted many fans with hugs, kisses, and photos. Justin was next to me signing autographs, smiling, taking photos and having a great time. I even held the camera for the fans who wanted photos with Justin.

Justin's bodyguard came and we had to say goodbye to them. They were amazing and so welcoming. I didn't want to leave. I wish fans always greeted us like this instead of being so aggressive.

We escaped the airport unharmed and I actually was starting to feel accepted into Justin's world. It felt uplifting and renewing.

"That wasn't so bad was it?" Justin nudged me. 

"I loved it. They were so kind." I admitted. 

"They were amazing and so were you. Thank you for embracing them." He kissed me and I returned it.

"I'll do anything to make you happy." I pinched his cheek. It was banging on the window. I jumped and clutched my chest.

Justin laughed, rolled down the window and waved to the fans. He grabbed my hand and waved it to them. I moved closer to the window and reached my hand out to touch some fan's hands as we drove past.

They looked so happy and I could tell this is all Justin wanted. He looked so appreciative of my efforts to change my relationship with his fans. He rolled up the window and looked out the back window.

There were many fans chasing the car, we'll see them again soon. For now, we're off to rehearsal.

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