A Moment

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I am so excited to be making these but this is my first one so it might have a few errors. If you have any suggestion's for a oneshot I would happy to hear them.
Maya's POV

It had to be him, of all the people I could have worked with, it was huckleberry. Everyone knew that him and Riley had something going on so why did he have to be my husband...I officially hate health and social class.

The project was to look after a baby doll and the people who got the highest score when looking after it would win tickets to the movie theatre. The way we acted when we're together; I couldn't see us winning......

A day later

"Why won't it stop crying, lucas please help me?" I shouted across the room to get his attention. Lucas' usually magnificent styled hair was ruined and my eyes were drooping to my knee caps. It was 9 o'clock (we had been trying to get it to stop crying since the last bell) and we still couldn't get Riley to sleep (that's what we decided to name her).

Lucas looked at me and his eyes widened with thought
"You know what we haven't tried?" He announced proudly.

"What???!!" I Insisted.

He continued glaring at me with certainty
"The pacifier!" he assured me. He then grabbed the pacifier and shoved it into the dolls mouth. As he did hope appeared in both of our faces, waiting to see if the doll would finally stop crying...

It went silent and as it did we both erupted in laughter over how stupid this whole thing was.

"Can you hear that he said?" He questioned.

"I can't hear anything?" I replied with uncertainty.

"Exactly!" I was so happy that I jumped into him wrapping my arms around his kneck tightly so my small body wouldn't fall. He rapped him his arms around me spinning me around, continuing to laugh.

Suddenly my hands slipped and I fell down, he pulled me tightly trying to stop me from hitting the ground as he did my head was parallel to his making our lips inches apart. For a split second I felt us both leaning in until...

"Waaaaaaawaaaaawaaaaa!!!!" The baby screamed.

I pulled away from him trying to forget what had just happened, we both looked at the doll and sighed.

The next day at school seemed to be a bit awkward, the others didn't really catch on what had happened but I hope we had both said to ourselves that we would never speak about it again.

When we got into health and social everyone was speculating who would win the prize and we were all certain it would be farkle and Riley. But when they announced the names Lucas and Maya we both looked at each other and laughter erupted yet again making whatever awkwardness that was there... gone.

It turns out everyone else forget that there was even a pacifier to use and therefore did a lot worse than us.
I wonder what will happen at the cinema?. Comment if you want to make any uggestions or improvements. Thanks guys.

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