Abusive!Insane Sky x Mirrorlox

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Could people stop role playing in my chats please? I find it very annoying to have to scroll threw so much of this irrelevant crap, trying to find anything important. I wont ban anyone or anything, the messages will be deleted at the most. 

Mirrorloxs pov

Sky shoved me against the wall. "You can't do anything right!" He yelled, his red eyes blazing. I hissed in pain, a crack appearing on my glass like skin. "You can't even do the simplest tasks!" Another punch to the face, another crack. Another kick, one more crack. In tears, I kept repeating that I was sorry. Why am I still here? Why don't I just leave? Why... do I love him? He smashed my eye, making it crack completely, turning completely green. Finally, I broke. Somewhere deep within me, something snapped. Rage filled my body, blocking any other senses. I shoved him down. "Time for you to feel the pain I constantly feel." I hissed, a wide grin on my face. Fear instantly filled his eyes. A large glass shard appeared in my bleeding hand. A black liquid leaking from each crack, dripping down to the floor. Laughing insanely, I slowly approached the man I once loved. "I'm weak, huh? Time to show you what I'm made of!"

Requested by: Luv_Kitten (Sorry it's short!)
This is the last request I have! Woooo! However, sadly, requests for this will still be closed ;-;

Sorry! It'll make updating easier. This book will be on hold, I guess, maybe a random update here and there. This will probably be back up when two (Or more) books are competed, please respect my decision :)

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