Chapter 3: Consider keeping me updated, would ya?

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No! It couldn't be him! But I couldn't deny the fact that it really was him. Placed in the car with four other men, sat my ex-boyfriend, Harry Styles. He smiled to Sarah, and, luckily, didn't even seem to notice me.

To say I was shocked would be an understatement. I had spent the whole day picturing the perfect guy for Sarah, imagining him taking care of her, making sure she knows she is loved. Instead, it turned out that he was as far from perfect as possible, and would probably never become the man Sarah needed. I couldn't believe she actually liked that idiot.

Harry turned over to look at me, and started laughing when he discovered my expression. Maybe he thought that the hate I felt was shock because every member of Wrong Infection were right in front of me.

"Sarah, that girl is your friend, right?" he asked, and she immediately nodded. Her smile was really big, and her eyes were full of... not love, but maybe admiration?

"So, what's your name, who are you?" He said, this time adressing the question to me.

That made me even more shocked. He really didn't remember me? I was one of his first girlfriends, one of his first serious relationships. How could he forget me? My looks hadn't changed that much. Taking a moment to consider it, I realized my appearance actually had changed a lot.

"Alexandra" I whispered, still shocked that he had forgotten me. He just nodded, and continued looking at Sarah.

I bit my lip. "Sarah? Could we talk? In private?" I mumbled, and practically dragged her with me away from the car. "Why didn't you say that Harry Styles is your boyfriend?" She looked at me, seemingly not understanding the meaning of my words.

"He is wonderful, don't you think?"

"No! Absolutly not! He is the most idiotic guy in the whole wide world!" I whisper-screamed. "I'm not going to spend my day with him!" This seemed to snap her out of her trance.

"Please! We'll have so much fun, and once you get to know him, you'll have tons of fun together! Do it for me, please?"

I bit my lip again, and nodded. Arguing with her was no use; I couldn't stand seeing her sad, and anyways, I needed to make sure Harry was nice to her.

"Okay, I am doing it. But just because I am the nicest person to ever walk on this planet!"

We headed back to the car, which size could be compared with a mini-bus. Sarah took the third and last seat at the front of the car, while I was stuck in the back, placed between to guys that introduced themselves as Niall and Liam. The car started moving, and the two men spent the short drive asking - what seemed like - every single question about me they could think of. I suppose they were trying to be nice, but seing as I was mad and dissapointed, I only spoke when needed, and even then only gave one-worded answers.

Finally, the car parked, and we all got out, Sarah and I being astonished at the greatness of the house. Liam unlocked the door to the house - no, mansion - and we all walked inside, the men immediately giving us a tour of the whole place.

"Wow" I wispered, forgetting about my anger for a moment. The house was just... I had no words. You could probably have fitted our entire house into the living room. Okay, maybe not, but really, the rooms were huge, each of them unique, many affected by themes or colours. The men's rooms were big, most of them with photograps of what I assumed to be family members smiling at you from every corner. Even though my feelings for them, excpesially Harry, had not changed, I had to admit the house was wonderful. If anybody gave me the opportunity to live a place like this, I would say yes in a heartbeat.

We concluded the tour in the living room, where we all sat down. I soon spaced out from the conversation, not really finding it interesting. I kept staring at my nails, memories from the time I spent with Harry flashing through my mind.

I didn't know how long the conversation went on, but I would guess about an hour. Just as I was starting to consider kidnapping Sarah and dragging her home, they all rose, leaving me confused as to what was happening.

I followed them all out of the door, not wanting to be left alone. It wasn't before they were all seated in the car that Sarah seemed to notice my uncertainity. Rolling down her window, she offered me a humourous smile.

"Get in, loser. We're going on a picnic."

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