You Are So Beautiful To Me - Chapter 2

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here goes with chappiee 2 :) <33 Cazza <33


Zoey's P.O.V

well, that was a suprise. i woke up to my phone blaring out The Wanted - Glad You Came(my ringtone) i sighed as i looked at my alarm clock on my bedside table, 5:02am. i growled(yes, growled, it was too early) as i reached over and grabbed my phone, i looked at my caller ID only to sigh and shake my head in disbelief, 'Smelly Ellie ;) x'

me - "what?"

i was greeted by a scream which resulted in me pulling my phone away from my ear and using other hand as protection, i seriously dont know how that girl does it. When i was sure she had stopped i brought the phone back to my ear

me - "please dont do that at 5 past 5 in the morning again"

Ellie - "haha, you loved it and congrats babe"

me - "i didnt love it and for what?"

Ellie - "your tweet, not happy i have to give you a tener though, bu are you really going to split it with harry?"

i froze, i knew exactly what she was on about. he replyed.

me - "what did it say?"

ellie - "you mean you havent seen it?"

me - "no, so what did it say?"

ellie - "not alot, just him asking to split it half/half."

me - "oh cool"

ellie - "are you ok?"

me - "yeah, why wouldnt i be?"

ellie - "robbie said you were a bit down earlier"

me - "would you be if you got told that your boyfriend was excluded... again?"

ellie - "oh... he missed that bit out, what did he do this time?"

me - "god knows and god cares, i didnt want to ask"

ellie - "why?"

me - "in case he got angry"

i was met with silence. all the girls know what happens when robbie gets angry

me - "anyway im fine, just tired"

ellie - "ok, ill let you go to sleep on one condition"

me - "what?"

ellie - "you come shopping with us after school tomorrow"

me - "whos us?"

Ellie - "me, you, mols, kim, rob, dave, david and jack"

i sighed, i knew robbie would end up going. dave, david and jack wer robs best mates and just like me and the girls, were inseperable.

me - "fine, but can i go to sleep now?"

she laughed

Ellie - "course love, night girl"

me - "night buba"

and with that i hung up and put my phone on the side and buried my head in my pillow and allowed myself to go to sleep again. The next day school went by really slowly, mainly because i didnt have robbie but his mates were there so me and the girls stuck with them, as usual. Throughout the day i kept getting texts and calls from robbie. but i just ignored them all, if he wants to talk to me then he shouldnt have got excluded. At the end of the day i rushed home to get changed. i found my tight, black leggings, cream over-the-shoulder loose top and gold gladiator sandals. i had a quick shower, got changed and put my hair up in a ponytail.

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