Chapter Thirty-Seven

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"No," I sighed for what felt like the twentieth time within the last minute.

"Why not?" Evan whined as I continued doing my homework on the couch.

I sighed once more and finally looked up from my textbook. "Because I don't like you." I answered honestly.

Austin started laughing from where he was sitting on the floor playing video games. Evan tapped him in the back of the head with a scowl as I looked on. For the past few days Evan has been asking me to go with him to prom and I've kept denying him so far. I wanted to enjoy my last prom not ruin it by going with someone who I wasn't even interested in.

"Well, way to be honest." Evan mumbled, got up, and walked into the kitchen.

Once Evan was out of the room Austin paused his game and turned to me. "Don't even think about it." I stated before he could speak.

"Just go out with him, Dallas. Please?" He pleaded.

I crossed my arm and raised an eyebrow. "And why should I? We don't even like each other." Austin made a face and shrugged which instantly caught my attention. "What's that look for?" I questioned.

"I'm not telling you until you agree to go to prom with him."

I glared and got up from the chair. I stood up by the game console and placed my finger on the power button but didn't push it. Austin's mouth fell open and his eyes widened.

"Tell me or I'll push the button." I threatened.

"No!" He squealed and slapped his hands against his face. "If you turn it off then all of my progress will be gone!" He gasped.

"I know." I shrugged. "Now tell me." I demanded.

"Tell you what?" Evan asked as he came strolling back into the living room.

My head snapped up and Austin took that opportunity to push me out of the way before restarting his game. "That you have a crush on her." Austin shrugged like it was no big deal.

Evan groaned and I gasped in shock. Evan liked me? I said the first thing that came to mind. "Ew."

Austin snorted and Evan huffed before stomping out of the house. I groaned at the two childish boys and followed after Evan. By the time I got outside he was just climbing into his car.

"Evan wait!" I called out and ran over to his side of the car. I yanked open the door and saw a fuming Evan behind the wheel.

"What do you want? You made it clear how you felt about my feelings."

I sighed and instantly felt guilty. I knew what it was like to not have my feelings for someone appreciated or reciprocated. It felt awful.

"I'm sorry for how I reacted. I didn't mean it like that. I'm starting to see you as a friend right now. We've been enemies for such a long time it's hard to swallow that we're actually being civil towards each other."

He chuckled and ran his hands down his face. "I can see where you're coming from."

"I'll go with you to prom, but just as friends okay?"

He offered me a smile and nodded his head. "Sounds good. Do you have a dress picked out yet?"

"Not yet."

"Do you need me to take you shopping Saturday?" He offered.

I swear I heard angels sing. What guy willingly offers to take a girl shopping? "I'd love to but I don't want you to see my dress. What color dress should I get?"

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