Chapter 12

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The pain, the torture, stretched on and on. It seemed like an eternity.

The fire licking hungrily at my skin, the CRACK as Raxis broke each bone, the poisonous bite of the spider and the snake and the aftereffects, the searing cuts of the knife, the acid eating away my skin, the electricity, shocking me over and over again and the whip which tore my skin away in strips.

After each horrible day, after being beaten like a dog and never once defending myself; trying to survive the dominating pain. The manic smile on Raxis's face as he tortured me; a smile of pleasure. I was bruised, bloodied and battered, partially healed by Raxis each day but never fully.

I had many cuts from the knife scattered all over my body, my back still stung from the cruel whip, I had several burns on my body and bite marks dotted my skin.

I looked like a mess and I was in shock, my brain going at a sluggish rate, not really properly functioning. After the third day, I had stopped thinking, stopped feeling. It was easier to block out the pain that way, but, I was still on survival mode, not knowing how to move my mouth, to make the words come out.

Lying on the floor, an exhausted heap, while Raxis lounged around on his chair, hands clasped together and paired with a satisfied expression. Fluidly, he came over to me, taking a small bottle from his suit. Opening the bottle, then taking my hair in his hand, he forced my head upwards. Some of the liquid dropped down onto open mouth and I spat it at thinking- poison.

"Idiot girl," he cursed. "It is the serum which will heal you." 

Without waiting for an answer, he forced the drink down me then dropped my head unceremoniously on the floor, sighing heavily. A numb sensation started to spread throughout my body. I could feel an itching in my scalp and I drew my hand up cautiously. 

My hair was growing back. From when the acid burned it away, my hair was growing back, strengthening and growing to its previous length. The rest of my body was knitting itself back together as well. As I lowered my hand, a bite that had been there slowly faded away- to smooth skin like nothing had happened.

Burns faded to healthy skin and the whip marks I felt on my back receded. The numbness faded away as the wounds went- and I didn't feel pained anymore.

"Remove yourself from my office now," Raxis commanded, waving his hand towards the door. I got up shakily, half expecting a million bursts of pain to make themselves known.

But nothing happened.

 "I will expect you to heal Liam by the end of the day," I told Raxis, actually surprised the words came out so easily.

He inclined his head and, I, satisfied, walked out of the room. The sense of tumbling to the floor crossed my mind several times- but soon I regained my sense and found myself holding my body with more ease and confidence.

The journey back was easy and I thought I was actually walking faster. The serum had put me into better strengths than I had even been before. Soon, I was standing in front of a plain white door- Renae's room. 

 I knocked and in a quick scurrying of footsteps, it was opened.

"Have you done what you needed to do?" Renae asked. She was not exuberant, she was not happy, she was not smiling. Liam's situtation affected her badly. Her face was swollen with past tears.

"Yes," I said. "Finally." 

"Will you tell me?" 

"Of course," I answered. A pain went through me- but this was one was a hunger pain. Obviously the serum only healed my injuries and not hunger. "Can we go eat first?

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