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Author's First Note

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This fanfic was originally published in 2013 and I was 12 at that time, then I noticed how poor and cringy this story was written, so I decided to re-write it.

If you have red this before it was edited, then hi thanks for reading it again, this story wasn't like the one that I did in the first place. There are changes in plot, story then I removed and renamed some characters.

I might write a chapter with parfect engrish, note the sarcasm. Because there are times that I unconsciously write without even thinking while writing. (weird I know)


This is a fic about angels, heavens and sht. I don't know anything about after life, so I decided to create my own. So I am sorry if it's too lame and not interesting for you. (This was my first time anyways.)

No copying, no saving, no plagiarizing. Please respect my rights as an author.

And this fic may contain mature content so please read at your own risk.

This was all thought out by me.

Thanks and enjoy the story.

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