EXO : She's My Angel

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Hello! Its me, hunhanhyunggyu.

This is actually my first fanfic. And it's my first time to write one. :)


EXO : She's My Angel


Park ~~~~ (OC / You)

-died on her very memorable day.

-cheerful, kind-hearted and easy-going.

Lu Han

-belongs to the group EXO.

-many girls like him

-a bit clever


-they can't see ~~~~ as long as she make herself appear to them.

-Luhan's groupmates

I'll add other the characters throughout the story. :)



I might write a chapter with parfect engrish, note the sarcasm. Because there are times that I unconsciously write without even thinking while writing. (weird I know)


This is a fic about angels, heavens and everything. I don't know anything about after life, so I decided to create my own. So I am sorry if it's too lame and not interesting for you.

So yeah, no copying, no saving, no plagiarizing. respect my rights as an author.

especially, this was all thought out by me and inspirations accredited.