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Pen Your Pride


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"what?" i replied softly. i was feeling blurry, and i had something in my heart telling me i should listen. but i couldnt. i wiggled out of his tight grasp and got out the door. i didn't have any idea where i was. i just kept going, i ran fast and in no direction, just away. soon i ran out of breath, i stopped and looked around. nothing recognizable, but there was a drug store across the street. i walked over to it so i could buy water, but i didnt have any money. so i got across the street and sat on an empty service road behind the drug store. it was starting to get dark. i had no idea where i was, or where to go. i was about to get up and find my way to my parent's house but then i heard voices. then i saw two bodies turn the corner. they stopped for a moment and then continued walking. "AYE, you girl." i looked at them, and then the ground. i didn't know what to do. the approached me and grabbed my face, examining it. i smelled alcohol on them. "so pretty." said one "aye, how did a girl so cute end up over here?" "she must be looking for fun!". i stayed silent and didn't look them in the eyes. "so, cutie, you want to have some fun?" they were backing me up against the wall. "n-n-no. im just trying to get home, so uh, if i could just," i started to say, but then one of them cut me off. ""shh shh shh, were just trying to have a good time!" "no. i need to go home." then one of them  pulled up my shirt and started to kiss me. i struggled to get out of their grasp, and i bolted for a few feet, but it was no use, to jumped on top of me and held me down. each took their turn with me while the other just watched. laughing. and when they were finished they left. and i just layed there in the middle of the road hoping a car would come by and kill me. hours and hours i layed their tears burning my cheeks. when the darkness of the night began to fade away i got up, and walked a couple blocks until i saw my old elementary school. i knew i was close to my parents house. so i went a few streets down, and sure enough, there was my parents house. i smiled and wiped the tears from my face, and rushed over. i knocked on the door. and it swung open. not with the delightful faces of my mom or dad, but of a lady, middle aged with a 70's haircut. she half smiled and then let me in. "oh im sorry, your part of mom's book club or something right?" she didnt respond she just led me to a room where scott and his mom were already waiting for me. "not you again! what is this!?" i yelled. "WHERE ARE MY PARENTS." i demanded. scott walked over to me offering a loving embrace but i pushed him back. "hi hon, i know you don't remember me. but i just want to take you somewhere, just to show you something really quick." said scott's mother. i was too afraid to run after what had happened last night. so i went with her and scott. they drove me to a park and then we walked up to two tombstones in a graveyard. STEVE KROMLEY was set next to KAREN KROMLEY and i shattered inside. i felt numb and dropped to my knees. i turned and put my face into scott's shoulder and her wrapped his arms around my body. and that was all i needed for that moment.

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