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When you need them to fetch you home early from the tutorial center.

BTS as your older brother

✉️ - Jin

You: Oppa (ToT)

Jin:What happened???

You: I want to go home and i'm hungry ●︿●

Jin: Do you want me to come fetch you home?

You: Yes please.

Jin: Alright. This time only.

You: Eh hue hue >3< Thank you.

Jin: Do you want to eat outside or i cook for you?

You: You cook for me.

*Happy* Jin: Aigoo,we'll go buy food then.

✉️ - Suga

You: Suga oppa.

You: Oppa.


You: Yah Min Yoongi.

Suga: Who the hell you calling Min Yoongi?And didn't i tell you not to call me Suga.

You: But you are Suga.

Suga: That's my stage name. What do you want.

You: I wan to go home.

Suga: Then go.

You: I am in tutorial centre.


You: I'll listen to your songs and give comments seriously!


You: Aiya,Yoongi oppa save me (;ω;)

Suga: Five seconds, pack everything and get out of there. I'll be outside.

As we all can see,the mighty Min Yoongi has a thing for his younger sister's ageyo.

✉️ - Namjoon

*Actually want to ask Jin for help instead* You:Namjoon oppa.

Namjoon:Yes (Name)?

You: Can you pick me up?

Namjoon: You shouldn't skip tutoring. You're wasting mom and dad's money.
You: But i got full marks on this subject ◑ˍ◐

Namjoon: What are they teaching?

You: English


Namjoon: Why is mom and dad throwing you in the tutorial center, i can teach you that for free. Get out of there,i'll come within five minutes.

You:Ooh,surprising. I was going to ask Jin oppa for help.

Namjoon: Yeah yeah get out.

~ Extra ~

Namjoonie: Hyung

Jin: What?

Namjoonie: Stop spoiling my sister.


Namjoonie: I'm serious.

Jin: Get out.

✉️ - Hoseok

You: Oppa,come get me.

Hoseok: I can't. I am having a dance off with my teacher.

You: Eh...ㅠㅠ

Hoseok: Sorry ㅠㅠ

You: I wan to watch oppa dance though.

Hoseok: Actually the dance off can wait,i'lk come now. Remember to compliment me.

You: ㅋㅋㅋ I always do.

✉️ - Jimin

You: Oppa,leave the gym and come get me.

Jimin: What happened (Name)?

You: I don't like the tutorial center. It's boring.

Jimin: But you need to study (Name) ah~

You: Ehhh,oppa please≧﹏≦

Jimin: I can ageyo too (Name). >3<


Jimin: Ok,i'm kidding. Come out,i'm already here.

You: Ehhe,love you~

Jimin: I love you too dongsaeng~

✉️ - Taehyung (Famous)

You: Oppa,save me.

Taehyung: From what?I can fight off aliens.

You: Teachers.

Taehyung:...... I can only fight aliens.

You: Oppa,come on ←_←

Taehyung: *Insert super good selca* Does oppa look good,i posted this on Twitter for my ARMYs .

You: No →_→

Taehyung: You're not getting out.

You: Taehyung oppa you're the most handsome guy in the world ╮(╯▽╰)╭ No one can beat you. Aiyo,my brother is the most good looking.

Taehyung: I'm on my way,pack your things.

✉️ - Jungkook (Famous)

You: Kookie oppa.

Kookie: I can't.

You: I didn't ask anything.

Kookie: I know you're going to and no,i can't.

You:Why not?

Kookie: Many ARMYs are here and i couldn't really move.

*For fuck's sake face* You: Kill them with a wink or body roll or something lol.

Kookie: I don't kill my fans.

Kookie: Where you learn those stuffs.

Kookie: What has Namjoon hyung taught you.

You: Lol Namjoon oppa didn't teach me those,come on i want to leave the tutorial centre.

Kookie: Then go,say my brother is Jeon Jungkook and i am his sister.

You: Yeah sure that'll work.

And you stayed there and learned nothing.

I hope you guys like this. They're all made up by me so if you find any similar,it's coincidence.

If there's something you don't understand then feel free to ask!

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