Part 1

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"There's a girl here?"

"That's what I said. Name's (Y/N)."

Thomas looked around the glade expectantly. Trying to spot her.

"She isn't here shank." Newt ran his hand through his hair as they walked together through the clearing.

"But you said-"

"- She's in the maze right now. You'll see her later."

Thomas rubbed his face with his hands, trying to take everything in. "Isn't it weird with only one girl here?" Newt laughed loudly which only confused him more.

"I suppose it could have been, but you don't know her." Newt gazed off towards one of the giant concrete openings. "She's not what you'd expect."

Thomas opened his mouth to ask more questions but stopped himself, aware that he was told not to ask any in the first place. Newt looked ready to talk again so he decided to listen instead for now.

"She's been here for almost a year, scared the klunk out of us when we got her out of the box. You would think that she'd be scared, just like you are Greenie, but no. At least she didn't show it if she was."

"She wasn't phased at all?"

"'Coming out swinging' is how we all refer to it now." Newt chuckles at the memory. "Punched Gally straight in the nose."

"Which one's Gally?"

"The one who pulled you out of the box." Newt rolled his eyes at the green bean. They don't normally ask these many questions.

Thomas nodded, impressed at the thought. "So she's in the maze? I thought we couldn't go in there."

"You can't go in there Greenie. She's a runner." Newt said proudly, ignoring Thomas' complaints over his name. "She's out with Minho right now, they should be back soon."

"What do runners do?"

"Enough questions shank. Go and get some food. Someone will show you where you'll be sleeping soon."

There was a lot to take in about this place, a lot of questions - too many questions. The idea of there being a girl here interested him the most. Why only one? What was she like? What was she there for?

A boy called Chuck finds him shortly after. Thomas immediately likes him, deciding that he is a sweet kid. They sit together and eat some more of the delicious food.

Someone enters the room clapping Chuck on the shoulder as he goes past. Thomas examines him closely. He didn't recognise him from the sea of faces ogling down at him when he first came up in the box.

"Hey Minho!" Chuck cheers happily after him. Minho smiles and after grabbing a bowlful of food slides into the bench beside Chuck.

"So you're the new greenie huh?"

"Thomas. My name is Thomas."

"Uh huh."

Thomas deducted that this is probably the boy that (Y/N) was out with in the maze. He looked over his shoulder to see if she was behind them.

"Finally stopped yakking then has he?" Minho asks Chuck, nudging his head over to Thomas.

"Whaddya mean?" Chuck splutters, his mouth full of food.

"Newt said the green bean here wouldn't shut up earlier. Kept asking bout (Y/N)."

Thomas spins back into the conversation at the mention of her name. There was something fascinating about her, even though he hadn't met her yet.

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