.:7 Years Old:.

I hide my face behind my hands, embarrassed as mum tries to give me a good-bye kiss on the cheek "Mum! Stop it, not in front of Zayn!"

Next to me, Zayn laughs and pats my shoulder "Come on Niall, let your mum kiss you good-bye. If I let my mum do it, you should too."

"Fine. But only because you said so." I say in defeat, scrunching up my face when mum plants a kiss on my cheek.

She pulls away and looks at him in wonder "Wow Zayn, how did you get him to listen to you? I can barely get him to eat his veggies, let alone kiss him goodbye. I should have you babysit him more often."

Zayn gives her a small smile "I have a younger brother, so I know how to handle little kids. But he's away right now, sadly. That's why I agreed to babysit Niall here, I miss taking care of my brother."

Mum opens her mouth to reply but gets cut off by dad yelling from outside "Come on honey! We'll be late if we don't get going soon!" Thanks, dad, I really want mum to go right now. I need to talk to Zayn...about stuff.

"I'm going!" Mum calls back frustrated. One last final peck on the cheek and she's gone. I wait until I hear them driving away, then turn to Zayn who's looking at me.

"Uh, do I have something on my face?" He asks, noticing my look.

I shake my head "No, nothing. But I have a question for you, mister." He nods slowly, and I get the hint to ask away "Zayn...why did you leave me that night?"

I can see him freeze at the question, his hand rising to scratch his head "I-I got lost. I couldn't find you, and I got scared."

Oh. "So, you just l-left me?" I don't know why, but I feel myself start to cry. He left me because he was scared. While I was alone and with an empty promise. "Great friend you are."

Zayn rushes to me and hugs me tight, me flinching at the sudden touch of his cold skin, "No! No, I didn't leave you, I couldn't find you, Niall. I would never, ever leave you. I promise."

Not again. I push him away, and start heading to my room "Don't make a promise you can't, WON'T keep Zayn."

I may have forgiven him, but I will always remember. He left me when I was at alone in the woods. And I still need to thank whoever saved me. But Zayn doesn't need to know about that.

* * *

Turns out, I can't stay mad at Zayn for too long. It's been two weeks since the first day Zayn babysat me. I stayed up in my room for a few hours before I grew really bored. I didn't have anything to do, no one to play with. And it didn't help that Zayn was the only one who played with me.

I ended up going downstairs and sitting on the couch beside him, silent, before asking Zayn if he would play with me. He didn't say anything, just smiled at me and did so.

He may have left me, but he's still my friend. And I stay loyal to my friends.

"Hey Nialler, can you come here for a bit?" I grin at the nickname he gave me, and run to him. He grabs me and sits me on his lap, ruffling my hair with a smile.

"Yes, Zaynie?"

He bites his lip before saying "Can I do something?"

I frown "Uh, sure."

He leans forward, his lips touching my neck and I feel his teeth on my skin. I panic and push him away "Zayn. Stop."

He just pushes me hands down "Shh. Don't worry, it won't hurt. I'll just bite you, if you ever get lost, this will help me find you."

"How?" Like a vampire? I think but say nothing.

"I'll explain later. Can I?" He motions to my neck again, I hesitate before nodding. I trust him.

Once again, his teeth meet my skin, but now with my permission, they press harder against it. It begins to feel weird, but true to his word, it doesn't hurt. Then, I feel a slight sting and the feeling that something is in me. A small sucking sound fills the room, then Zayn pulls away. Is he...?

"Z-Zayn? Are you a vampire?" But they're not real! Mum says they aren't. Although, it would be so cool to have one as a friend.

He looks at me oddly, before answering "This is our secret okay, Nialler? You can't tell anyone else."

I can't stop myself from smiling really big. He is one. "Okay, Zaynie. Our secret."

.:9 Years Old:.

I'm scared.

Mum and Zayn have been talking in the kitchen for a while now, and I don't know why. But they looked sad when they started. Did something terrible happen to Zayn?

Don't do it. You'll get in trouble.

Ignoring my thoughts, I tiptoe to the kitchen and listen in on what they're saying.

"You have to tell him Zayn. He'll be so upset if you don't." Mum says quietly.

"I know Maura. But I can't bring myself to. I'll tell him before I do." Zayn.

I start to walk away before they notice me but sadly, I trip and fall down, knocking over a chair with me. It makes a loud crash as it hits the floor, and mum and Zayn stumble through the door.

Mum gets to me first after seeing me on the floor "Oh my god Niall! You okay sweetie?"

I just nod, my eyes on Zayn who's not looking at me. Mum notices and pats my cheek before leaving is alone.

"Zayn." I start, getting to my feet and walking over to him "What's going on?"

He still doesn't look at me "I'm leaving."

"You're leaving me. Again?!" I knew he couldn't keep a promise.

"I'll come back. I promise."

I shake my head stubbornly "No you won't."

Suddenly, he crushes my body to his, leaning down to peck my forehead with his cold lips "This time, I'll keep my promise. I'll come back to you."

Maybe, maybe this time Zayn will keep his promise.

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