Chapter 16

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We arrive at Arias and her house is amazing I seriously love it so much. It's good to see everyone here having fun - me, Chris, Luke, Indie, Aria, Pariss, Ethan, Jacob and Beth.

We spend hours playing just random games and challenges, we did the chubby bunny challenge and we played a game of just dance well us girls did but the guys did it in a playful way, we did heaps more after those as well.

"I've got an idea!" Aria exclaimed. "What about we play truth or dare?!" She was so excited the look on her face was priceless.

"Sure, why not" Indie thought.

After that basically everyone agreed to it.

---- truth or dare ----

"Luke truth or dare?" Aria asked.

"Truth" he replied.

"Hmmmm, what is the thing you like the most about Indie?"

"Her beautiful smile" he said almost instantly.

Her face lit up on the spot, it was the cutest thing ever.

"Tara, truth or dare?" Luke asked me.

"Truth" I didn't want to choose dare, who knows what he could think of!

"Someone choose dare!" Aria whined.

"Okay, do you still like Chris?"

I heard that and was confused since he already knew I still liked him, but I think I didn't tell the others.

"Yeah..." I smiled at Chris who was opposite to me.

"Awwww!" Beth smiled.

"Jacob, truth or dare?" I asked.

"dare" he smirked.

"Oooooh, kiss the prettiest girl in the room." I say, I really hope he kisses Aria because personally I think they would be such a cute couple.

He looks really awkward and looking around who to kiss, surely it's Aria.

"Can you please ask another question?"

"Nah, just do it!" I'm so excited.

Still looking at Aria, I get confused when I feel a hand touch my cheek and turn my head, then a pair of lips touch mine. This can't be happening. Why isn't he kissing Aria? What is Chris thinking?!

Oh my god.

We pull away from the kiss and it's the most awkward feeling ever. Yes I find Jacob attractive but his my best friend and I've got a boyfriend.

After that awkward "incident" I just enjoyed myself and forgot about it, tonight was such a great night it was so good that everyone was happy.

--------- NEXT DAY ------------

Everyone woke up by 12:00 since we went to bed at like 4:00am. We were supposedly all getting picked up by 1:00pm so it gave us an hour to actually wake up.

I can still feel some awkward tension between me and Jacob but im sure it won't last very long. I looked over to see Chris and he looks so adorable in the morning ahh how lucky i am to have him.

I see him looking at me smiling.

Oh god, he must've noticed me staring ughh how embarrassing.

I feel my cheeks become hotter and red,  I should probably go and less embarrass myself.

"I'll be back, just going to the bathroom." I quickly evacuated the room.

As I struggle to find the toilet, I'm getting the feeling there is a prsence behind me.

I turn and no ones there.

I arrive at the door of the bathroom when a hand tugs my arm and pulls me back.

Breathing heavily and feeling anxious the person speaks up to me.

"Tara, I really need to talk to you."

I notice its Jacob...


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