Chapter Two

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Not long after Chris began working full-time, the role of opening in the mornings soon became his role. Martha trusted Chris that much to take over her morning ritual. This proved to be a blessing to Chris, especially as he entered the dark corridor and flicked the lights on. With no one around, Chris was free to slip his second note into Dr Marshall's locker without being seen.

The previous evening, Chris had researched numbers online and on his table, at home, were the notes made to help with the post-it notes over the remainder of the days. Prior to slipping the note into the narrow gap at the bottom of the locker, Chris read the post-it note one last time.

Yay! Day 19.


Here's some useless information about the number nineteen to help you through your day. (Followed by my ramblings to put a smile on your face)

19 is the command in Age of Empires for the laughing emote. This, ever before "LOL" existed. (LOL)

Renault 19, (manufactured in 1988. The last of the numeric names cars. Interesting? Likely not.)

In golf the "19th hole" is the clubhouse bar. (Can I buy you a drink sometime? 19... LOL haha. I crack myself up. Get it... 19... laughing emote. Forget it)

Anyway, don't let Dr Max get to you.

Chin up.

The personal messages Chris left after the information were written in much the same way he always added silent opinions when speaking out loud. Once again, Chris did not sign the note, but couldn't be sure if Dr Marshall would suspect it was him. With fifteen women working in the clinic, Dr Marshall was bound to think it was one of them–right!

That's what Chris hoped, anyway.

As the day progressed, every time Chris saw Dr Marshall he noticed his demeanour grew darker. Chris heard from one of the nurses Dr Max had been particularly hard on all the interns that day. Chris only hoped Dr Marshall had found his note a little helpful.

And he did.

Late in the afternoon, Chris found a post-it note written by Dr Marshall attached to a file that read - Dr Marx would like a copy of this please. 19.

Only Chris would have known who wrote the message because the writer had use the number nineteen to denote LOL. Chris chuckled to himself. Dr Marshall had been making a joke but anyone else reading the message would not have understood. Well, Dr Marx was an inside joke but the number nineteen would have confused them.

Chris pulled the post-it note from the file and slipped it into his pocket, then photocopied the pages. There was no hiding the smile from his face for the rest of the day. Even Martha questioned Chris several times as to what he was up too but Chris kept his secret.

Day 18.

This isn't as easy as I first thought it would be.

In many countries, 18 is the age of majority. (I'm well past eighteen, and twenty-one and twenty... 19)

In the Chinese mythos, Hell has 18 levels. (18 levels. I wonder if you enter at level one and work your way up or enter at level 18 and work your way down. Or you go in at one level depending on how bad you were while alive. Not sure about this one but knowing there are 18 levels of hell and not one, is scaring me)

Chris decided, as he slipped the note into Dr Marshall's locker, being a twenty day stalker might not have been a good idea. The time it took finding information about numbers had been consuming but proved fascinating. Yet trying to decide which facts to use took up much of Chris's evenings, the littered post-its over his kitchen table evidence the number of times he'd re-written the notes.

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