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"Lily it's the best thing for these two. If we don't give them to Moony, they'll die too." James said to his grieving wife. 

"I know, but I'm going to miss them." She said crying and hugging her baby girl to her chest. He sighed. He knew this was going to be her reaction. 

"I don't want to give them up anymore than you do, but it's for the best." James said as a few tears slid down his cheeks. Lily noticed this and nodded. 

"Okay, Remus, take good care of them will you?" Remus smiled. 

"Of course, I'll make sure they'll live the most normal life as possible." She smiled. 

"Oh thank you Remus." Lily said hugging him. He chuckled. Lily looked down at her two year old little girl. She kissed her forehead and gave her to James. James hugged her and like his wife kissed her forehead. 

"Da-da." The little girl said looking up at her father. She somehow knew they were saying good-bye. He smiled down at her sadly. Lily picked up little Harry and kissed his forehead. The little girl reached out for her brother, who in return did the same and they grabbed each other's hands. Then suddenly there was a noise downstairs. 

"Moony, take them now!" James said. "I'm gonna go and hold him off." 

"James!" Lily cried. 

"It's going to be okay." Moony took the little girl, but before he could take Harry, Voldemort broke down the door and he was forced to leave without Harry. The little girl yelled for her brother, mother, and father. Moony was left feeling guilty and upset as he stared down at the crying girl with an apologetic look. She ended up crying herself to sleep that night and Moony ended up drinking his troubles away. Padfoot dropped by to see Moony. He got Moony to stop drinking. 

"It's not your fault. There wasn't anything you could do." Padfoot said trying to comfort his friend. 

"I know. I'm not feeling guilty about not getting Harry. It's just that, that little girl." He said shaking his head. "She knew that Lily and James were saying good-bye, she knew and she's only two." 

"Well, she is James and Lily's daughter." Padfoot said chuckling a bit. "Take good care of her Uncle Moony." Moony smiled. 

"I will, but where are you going?" Padfoot was getting up to leave. 

"To take care of a rat." He muttered. 

"Sirius, please don't. It'll only make things worse." 

"If it means that I clear my name, then it's worth it." Sirius said going to the door. Remus sighed. 

"Just be careful, Sirius. I don't want you to miss out on Harry and his sister's school years." 

"I know Remus, but it has to be done and I know I'll regret it." Sirius sighed. "When you see Harry again, please let him know that I didn't sell Lily and James out to Voldemort. Tell him that for me won't you?" 

"Sirius, he may not be alive." 

"Actually I went by there earlier and Hagrid was fishing him out of the house. He's alive Remus." Moony nodded. 

"Okay, I'll tell him." Sirius nodded. 

"Well, I best be going and I'll be as careful as possible." Moony sighed knowing that that was a lie. He smiled. 

"I'll hope to see you again my friend." Sirius nodded and left. Moony sighed and put away all the alcohol. He doesn't want his 'niece' to think of him as a drunkard.

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