I've Never Felt So Cold

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Lunch was the worst. I sat next to Shane and Hannah while we ate Hamburgers and Shane couldn't stop laughing the whole time. "What's so funny, Holly?" Hannah asked. "I honestly have no idea." I replied. "Ha! Ha! Ill be right back I have to pee." Shane announced as he got up and headed to the bathroom. "Well thats nice to know." I said as he walked away. Hannah laughed and continuted to eat her Hamburger. We started to talk and had a long conversation about how there should be a buffet in the lunchroom until we had to leave. I walked to 6th period with Hannah seeming to wonder where Shane had travled off to. I never thought hard about where he could be, I just asumed he just got himself in trouble or was just wandering around. I just figured that I would see him soon enough.

6th period had passed and I still hadn't seen Shane. I let the thought pass knowing that I would see him later on.

He wasn't in 7th period either. Then I started to worry. "Where could he be?" I wondered, walking down the hall to 8th period, until I was interupted by a strong force pulling me to the side. It was Jake.

"You know I never did get that kiss." He said, tightening the grip he had on my arm. I squirmed to get away, but it failed. He pulled me with him down the hall, he opened one of the janators closets, and started to pull me in there with him. I attempted to scream but he put his large hand over my mouth. "No ones going to come to save you. Not even that pretty boy, Shane!" He said, his mouth clenched. I gasped as he grabbed my neck. Tears fell from my eyes as I tried to scream again and again. "Shut up!" Jake yelled, as he tighted his grip around my neck. I shut up. He took his hand off my neck and off my mouth and grabbed my arm, I gaspped for air. He leaned in to kiss me but I backed away. "You little whore! You'll give me what I want or I will kill you!" Jake yelled, shaking me. "Are you going to behave?" I shook my head, yes, as tears traveled down my face. Jake pulled me toward him and leaned forward once again to give me a kiss. I looked around paniced and grabbed a firehydrent with my free hand. Right before he kissed me I hit him on the head as hard as I could with the firehydrent. He fell backward into a bunch of cleaning supplies, I reached for the door handle, turned it, and ran.

I ran all the way home, tears running down my face, not knowing what to do. I ran around the house, down to the lake. I plopped down on my knees put my head in my hands and continued to cry. Everything that has happened to me in my life played in my mind. My parents dying, me getting bullied at school, my rotten aunt beating me, and me almost getting rapped by Jake. I realised that I had a terrible life. I wanted to die then and there. I looked around me and saw a small wooden boat with oars hooked on the sides. I walked over to the boat knowing what I was going to do. I climbed into the boat and rowed the boat to the middle of the lake.

Once I got there I stood in the small boat, looked down into the deep, dark water, and then up to the large house I stayed in. Shane and Hayden stood by the back door looking terrified to see what I was about to do. I looked at them with tears coming down my face and a small smile. "I can't swim!" I yelled to them as they started to run to the lake, screaming "No! No! Don't do it!"They didn't get there in time. I jumpped into the water.

I couldn't remember much of it, but I woke up in my bedroom with Hayden and Shane looking down on me. "What's going on?" I asked as I sat up. Hayden looked horrified and said, "You're dead." "What?" I asked. "Come here." Shane said. I walked over to him by the window. "Thats you." He said. I looked out the window and onto the lake, and found a dead body floating in the water. "So that wasn't a dream." I said. Shane shook his head. "What have I done?" I thought, as tears rolled down my face. Shane looked at me, turned me toward him, and tried to comfort me. I wrapped my arms around him and burried my face in his chest. "It's okay. It's okay. I'm here." Shane said quietly, stroking my long hair. "What happened? What made you do this? What did he do to you?" He asked. I looked up at him and looked at the mirror. You could see clearly where Jake had grabbed my neck. There were dark red and purple finger prints under my jawbone where it was brused. Shane looked in the mirror as well and looked that the marks. His eyes were bright red. He let go of me and stormed off. I followed him. "Where are you going?" I asked. He stopped and turned his head toward me. He had a devilish smile, his hair was covering his eyes, but you could see a tiny bit of the red that came from his eyes, and he dissapered. I looked around and seen him walking out the door. I ran after him. I followed him out the door and down the street. He stopped when he saw Jake. Jake stopped too. Shane smiled and said, "Why did you do that to her?" Jake just laughed and said, "She got what she deserved." Shane laughed and said, "Is there a reason why I shouldn't kill you right now?" Jake smiled and said, "You can try." Shane's smile dissapered and so did he. Jake looked around confused. Shane appered behind him and kicked him in the back. Jake took it by surprise. He turned around ready to punch Shane, but Shane wasn't there. Shane reappered infrount of Jake and punched him in the stomache. Jake fell to his knees holding onto his stomache and started to coagh up blood. Shane looked down at him with the devilish smile and the bright red eyes. He looked like he was going to kill. I ran up to him grabbing his arm, "Shane! Come on! Come on! He's not worth it!" I yelled, but Shane didn't budge, or look away. I tried pulling him away, but he just shrugged me off. I stepped infront of him tears rolling down my face. He looked at my scared face and his smile vanished once again. He realised what he had done. He took a step closer to me and said, "I'm so sorry." and he kissed me, and held me tight.

"I've never felt so cold and yet so warm. I've never felt so alone and yet so loved. Is this the ending or the begining?"

You decide.

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