"Nice fundraiser you have here Bruce. This is Alisa."

Bruce stared at me for a moment and I couldn't quite tell what he was thinking.......... he looked as if he were about to ask me a question, then seemed to think better of it.

Instead he held out his hand.

"Nice to meet you Alisa, I see you've taken on your own style for this masquerade ball."

I shook his hand and blushed a little, the only color I was wearing suited for this party was white.

"Well, I do like to make an entrance." I smiled casually.

We talked a bit longer and then I had to excuse myself for a moment. It was now 7:13, I started to wonder if he was going to come at all, if I was just playing myself.

I looked down startled when I felt a small hand tugging at my dress. It was a little girl, no older than 7. She had blonde curly hair and a little white dress on with a sparkly, black, mask.

"Excuse me miss, excuse me?"
I bent down a little to her level.

"Hi?" I smiled. She took her right hand out from behind her back and handed me a single rose. The petals were soft and a deep shade of red.

I studied it for a moment, but when I looked up the girl had run off. I saw her slither her way through the crowd of people and towards a man who had knelt on the ground to put a flower in her hair.

He said something to her. She giggled a little and ran off in the mess of of black and white. The guy stood up and turned to walk the opposite direction of me.

He was wearing a black suit with a white undershirt and a white rose tucked into the pocket of his tuxedo. He wore a white mask that covered his whole face so I couldn't see what he looked like and he also wore a black fadora. His body was lean and yet you could tell he had some strength in him.

I looked down at the rose thinking maybe I should go over there and talk to him, thank him. But what if it was him.

John came to my side, he looked at the rose and then at me.

"Where'd you get that from?"

I studied the rose, and hardly realized John was speaking at all.

"A- man gave it to this little girl and she came and handed it to me."

John looked at me and then into the crowd,"What man?"

"He's right over-" I looked up and saw that the man had vanished,"-there... he was in the white mask, black suit?"

John gave me a confused look,"Hmm, he must've... left I suppose?"

"Yeah.." I looked at John as the lights started to dim and a song that reminded me of salsa dancing came on.

John looked at me for a moment then spoke,"Alisa, would you do me the honor of having this dance, with me?"

I smiled," Sure thing partner." I winked at him. We smiled and then we both burst out laughing.

As me and John were dancing I noticed the man with the white mask was staring in our general direction, although you couldn't tell if he was actually 'looking' at us, because of his mask.

I hadn't had this much fun in a long time. John spun me around a couple times and once I had almost tripped fallen, but he'd caught me.

Someone tapped John's shoulder from behind and sure enough, it was the man in the white mask.
He spoke in an oddly familiar voice. But I didn't really seem to process it as I was tipsy from all the champagne.

"You mind if I steal her away for a dance?"

John looked at the man, then at me."You gonna be ok Alisa?" I handed him the rose.

"I'll be fine John, a dance won't kill me." At least I hoped. I nodded at John and he walked off in the distance; hidden away by the crowd.

The man held out his left hand. I grabbed it and he pulled me close to him, taking my other hand as well. I couldn't help but blush and was curious to know who he was and what he looked like.

As we were dancing, step by step he quickly picked me up in the air and spun me around. He spun me around a couple more times and by the end of the dance he tilted me over backwards, holding my body up with his right hand, leaning over my face.

I whispered to him,"Thank you for the rose by the way."

"No problem sweetheart."

My face froze, my body froze, time froze, everything was blocked... all the noise of the people. All I could hear was my heart beating faster and faster. It was him.

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