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"Hi, I'm Park Jimin. Nice to meet you guys. I hope you can treat me well"

The girls almost fainted from the new boy's thick busan accent and his dashing good looks. This boy was the walking definition of perfection.

"There's a seat over there next to BamBam" The teacher said, pointing to a boy with brown and blonde hair. Jimin nodded as he headed over to his seat, smirking at the response and welcoming he was getting from his classmates.

"Hi~ I'm BamBam, nice to meet you"
Jimin smiled at the younger as he settled down. "I'm Jimin, nice to meet you too" He replied, grabbing his pens and books for the lesson. "I'm guessing you're not from Seoul, am I right?" BamBam asked, causing Jimin to chuckle.

"Right. I'm from Busan. And from that question I'm guessing you're not from Korea?"

The younger grinned and nodded. "I'm from Thailand" He said, surprising Jimin. He wouldn't have guessed that. "Oh, cool"

During the lesson, Jimin's pen ran out which annoyed him. "Hey, BamBam? Do you have a spare pen?" The older asked, earning a shake of the head from BamBam. "Sorry, no. But TaeHyung hyung always has some. One sec" BamBam turned around to the pair sat behind him, looking at a certain pink haired boy. "Hyung"

The pink haired boy looked up from his book and smiled at the younger, quickly glancing at the new boy next to him. "What's up?"

"Jimin hyung needs a pen, can you lend him one?" BamBam asked. TaeHyung then looked over at Jimin, able to get a better look now. "Sure. Here you go" He said, handing Jimin one of his pens. The older smiled at him, his famous eye smile that melted everyone's heart. "Thanks. I'm Jimin by the way"

"I'm TaeHyung. Nice to meet you, Jimin"

"Right back at ya" Jimin replied before turning back around to face the front. TaeHyung was cute.


The lesson ended and the class had a break before they returned to their next subject. BamBam and Jimin were talking quietly until one of the guys who sat behind them came and sat on BamBam's desk. "Hey Bam~" The guy sang, grinning.

"Oh, Jackson hyung. Hi~!"

The other boy, TaeHyung, noticed Jimin sat there looking bored so he decided to go talk to him.

"Hey" TaeHyung pulled up a chair at Jimin's desk. "Hi" Jimin replied.

"So, Busan boy?"

Jimin nodded. "Yupp"

"Interesting.. my dad is from Busan so I visit there regularly. Its a nice place" TaeHyung commented. Jimin smiled and nodded. "It is. Does your dad live in Busan?" He questioned but the younger shook his head. "No but we have a family house there so we go there in the holidays"

Jimin nodded in understanding. It was quite cool that there was someone here who was familiar with his hometown. The two chatted for a while before their teacher returned and class began once again.

"I'll see you around" TaeHyung said before leaving back to his desk. Jimin nodded, a faint smile on his lips after the younger had left.

BamBam glanced to his left and noticed Jimin smiling to himself which made him smirk. It seemed like he and TaeHyung hit it off well.

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