"Let go of me you stupid fools! When Leon finds out that you guys know about his brother being alive he will kill you both and kill him!" she said pointing at my dad.

"He won't be killing anyone but you Jean!" I ran to my dad's side and untied him as Brody held her back. I pulled of one of the straps that held my dad bounded to this god forsaken room and Brody tied her up.

Brody leaned my dad onto him withstanding his weight and carried him safely up to my room while I locked up the office leaving Jean gagged and trapped in the hidden room. It was selfish but it seemingly was the right thing to do to save my father. As I bent the corner to go up the staircase I heard voices. Voices that belonged to Leon and Brody's dad! Dammit! Trying to go up the stair case before they noticed me, I was seen! Shit!

"Alex dear is Brody at home, if he is kindly let him know we'd like to meet him in the office next ten minutes."

"Yes of course, I'll just stop by his room now." I replied sending a fake smile at them.

"Brody your dad wants to see you in the next 10 minutes."

"Crap! Ok we need to keep them away from your room but we also need to get your dad out of this house."

Brody P.O.V

We needed a plan and quick. "Mr. Guerra can you hear me?" he nodded in agreement and meekly said "Yes son I hear you." Good he can talk! I knelt on the floor in front of him and encased his hands in mines, "Mr. Guerra my name is Brody Walker and this is your daughter Alex do you remember anything from the past 12 years?"

He just stood there blankly staring into space, he was in no state to respond so I didn't push him.

I decided to make him lie down go meet my dad left Alex to watch over him until I came back

"Brody" my father acknowledged as I entered the office " How was your trip dad?" "Quite good I must commend you on your excellent work back here those reports you did on the merge was on point and it sealed the deal so tonight we celebrate."

"Celebrate?" celebrate this would make it less difficult to get the real Guerra out of here. "Yes celebrate tonight there is going to be a party right here just our closest friends, family and business associates" I nodded and turn to walk out as I heard Leon saying ".Preparations are under way already please do inform Alex." "Of course I'll let her know."

"Alex there's going to be a small party tonight this is our chance to get him out of here, what I need you do now is order soup take out he must be starving," I pulled her away from him and said " I'm going to have drug him so we can get him out of the house, its just a precaution in the case of him totally flipping out on us getting us caught" she smiled reassuringly to me and letting me know that she understood my reasons.

Later that afternoon Leon enquired about Jean and I fibbed saying she went to the spa this morning and when I called and inform that the party was being taken cared of already she said she was going to go shopping and maybe stop at the beauty parlor. Isn't that what most rich women do? Leon's expression proved he believed me as he seemed quite relieved. Lying is a sin but so were these people bloody sinners!

When the take out arrived thankfully Guerra was sleeping so I grinded two sleeping pills into his juice and woke him. Alex fed him and watched him fall into deep slumber once again. I just stood there looking at how beautiful she was and how broken she seemed. Her eyes told it all, the pain of being away from him so long and joy of finally seeing him again.

The moment he was out cold I Chris came with two of his friends dressed as carpet cleaners according to plan, we carried Guerra's limp body onto the enormous rug in the middle of Alex's room and wrapped him in a blanket and then rolled him up in the rug not too tight to suffocate him. I followed the guys downstairs to ensure he had safely left the building.

Almost reaching the entrance of Leon and my dad bumped into one of the guys, before he could see Chris's face I called out to my dad "Dad! Leon I need your help with something." Diverting their attention from the rug the guys quickly slipped away. "What do you need help with son?" my dad asked "I need help choosing a suit for tonight" "That's what you needed help with? Brody don't be insane son you are my off spring being Alpha is in your genes you could wear rags and still impress every woman in the room." I chuckled with them and went up to the guest room I was staying in and got dressed.

I wore a blue checker shirt with grey pants and a black tie and blazer. As I walked out of my room Alex came out of hers and she look magical as always. She wore a beautiful red dress with lace onto, her light make up and bold red lips so kissable and perfect and the way her hair fell to the side was the most breath taking sight. I smiled at her and walked ahead. As reached the last step on the staircase I turned around and held my hand out to her helping her down and planted a soft kiss on her hand. She came close to my ear and said "You can stop eye fucking me now, people are watching." And she turned and walked away leaving me in complete awe of how she knew me so well.

Hi everyone I know I haven't updated in forever and I'm always late but I got a life lol jk jk I really am sorry but every time I write a chapter I get a really bad writers block and can't function to write anymore. Hope you all enjoy!

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