Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

Brody and I decided to get out of the house for lunch and by that time the household staff would be finished and Jean would be back. I was still shaken up from what I had seen earlier on this morning in the third room that I lost my appetite. With Brody's encouragement I managed to eat a chicken salad and lemonade I needed energy for what we were going to do tonight and no I was not talking about sex! Tonight we had to make our final venture into the hidden stair well and get the job done fast and unnoticed!

By the time we got home cleaning was over and jean still wasn't back, that was good which meant we didn't need a plan to distract her while the other went back into the hidden stair well and retrieve what we what was mines!

I sent the entire work staff home around 1pm so that we could do this as discreetly as possible! The head cook Mr. Roberto insisted on staying as apparently Jean left orders with him to prepare dinner for tonight. Brody swept in and simply sweet talked him into to leaving saying that he would handle dinner.

"Brody wait a minute! If all of your time has been spent helping me who's been handling your office work?" I asked worriedly.

"Don't you worry your head about that I called Chris and he's handling that I swear that guy picks up really quick"

"Dammit! I forgot about Chris and Sarah is she still super pissed at him?"

"Alex when have you known Sarah to not be pissed, I'm of the belief that she still is but she'll understand once this is all over I'll clear their misconceptions as of now I can't trust to let her in on anything she is pretty close to my dad."

We hurriedly entered the office and into the stair well, as we approached the third door, I grabbed onto Brody's hand as I was nervous I couldn't believe my eyes earlier on this morning and I prayed I wouldn't pass out again.

"Brody maybe you should go in first," "Hold my hand Baby and we'll do this together," as we opened the door I tried to pull my hand away and go back outside but he firmly gripped my hand and said "No matter what I'm not letting go." I pushed opened the door as saw Jean! She was feeding him!

"Alex what are you doing here?" she asked clearly scared

"I think the better question is what the hell is wrong with you and your mentally deranged husband!" I growled at her.

I walked up to her and shoved her hard into the walked knocking the food out of her hands causing the plate to fly across the room landing with a loud cluttering sound. I felt Brody grab onto me by my waist and pulled me away from her 'Alex! Calm down" he scolded me.

"Why should I Brody? They stole my dad from me!, I swear I'm going to kill this bitch!" I pushed him away from me and charged towards her like a raging bull, I had every right to want to beat the life out of her for what she had done to my family! Psychotic bitch!

I grabbed her shoulders and shoved her against the wall and struck her a across the face, tattooing my hurt on her face! "You little brat, I had no choice but to pretend to be the loving step mother, I hate the sight of you, you look just like your wretched mother!"

"What did you call my mother?" "You heard me right Alex! Your wretched mother! She stole him from me!" screeched at me pointing to my Dad lying tied up onto a bed.

"Brody untie him now and get him out of here I'm not done with this bitch!"
"No! You can't take him from me!" she grabbed my hair and pushed me causing me to tumble back and hit a wall knocking my head.

She charged at Brody, he easily gripped her hand and twisted in behind her back, "Listen Jean lets just make this easier on both of us, I suggest you let us take him or I'll tie you up and let Alex have some fun torturing your sorry ass, I won't harm you I'm absolutely against violence!"

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