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Taking a train out of the city was not unusual. When the train is attacked by terrorists, it was.

But until that point, Will's day was going great.

Well, not great, but not bad.

Will sat on one of the brown, booth-like cushions of the small-town train. Geez, exams practice was hard. How the heck does one "explain the feelings and motivation" of a character that was mentioned once throughout the novel? Will sighed and looked out the train window. It was raining cold. He missed Georgia, the open land, the warm weather, the farmers markets and parades in the summer. He was glad he was going back. He hated visiting his dad anyway.

Will's eyes surveyed his surroundings. There were few people on the cross-country train. There was one old lady with a necklace of fake pearls and silver hair, who waved at Will he she saw him looking. There was a stressed young mother was on a cell phone, talking angrily, her baby on the floor under the table. Finally, there was a boy in the corner with dark hair, headphones clasped over his ears, looking out the window. For a moment Will considered him from a pansexual's point of view, but gave up: too depressing.

Instead, Will pulled out Shakespeare. Although he sucked at reading class, he did enjoy the poetry. It was romantic, action-packed, and amazing all at the same time. In other words, Will was Ruliet trash. You didn't know that Shakespeare could have fanboys, did you?

As he read, Will drew picture of the scenes on a napkin. Juliet standing on her balcony, calling out to her lover: Where have you gone? Will sighed and looked at the picture. He wished he even had a love.

But be careful of what you wish for...

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