Pacen's dream.

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Hey, everyone! Okay, so I can't stress this enough! I've been thinking about writing a second part to 'One of the Boys' for some time and this chapter starts to foreshadow the ending! But, I need some help coming up with a name for the second book & possibly some character names! Anyhow, hopefully you enjoy the story, so...happy reading?

Matt’s V.O.P

I followed Desiree to the living room, then to the kitchen, where a musty man with broad shoulders awaited. He was wearing casual jeans and a shirt, but I could tell that he was a business man. “Honey, Amy’s boyfriend is here.” The man turned, revealing his light blue eyes and brown hair. He reminded me of Devin. He smiled.
“Hey, I’m Adam.” He held out his hand.
“Hi, I’m Matt.” I shook his hand. “I apologize for meeting you under these circumstances.” I said.
His brow narrowed. “Under what circumstances?” He questioned.
“You know…not taking Amy on a date or asking for permission to court your daughter or anything like that.” I said awkwardly rubbing my arm.
He laughed. “Son, it’s fine. Amy is very, um, complex with her choice in boys so we’ve grown accustom to it.” He said nonchalantly.
I squinted. “No, I want to change those standards.” I suggested. “I know you were all close with Pacen because he was Devin’s friend, but I’m not one of those guys who would like to mess around with your daughter.” I exhaled nervously. “I really like her, sir. And I want to be with her as long as she’ll have me.”
Adam studied me for a moment, while Desiree watched me with a smile. “You’re really serious, aren’t you?” He asked.
I straightened up. “Yes. In fact, I’d like it very much if you and your family were to join my family to dinner tomorrow night?”
Adam smiled. “Sure.” He patted my shoulder. “I have a feeling I’ll like you.” He added. “Take care of her.” He said as I turned to leave.  
I turned and smiled at him. “I’ll promise to take care of her better than anyone ever has.”

Amy’s P.O.V

“I’ll promise to take care of her better than anyone ever has.” Matt said and I felt my heart tugging as he spoke. Was it possible that I was falling for him? Really falling, like couldn’t exist without him?
My father cleared his throat. “I know you will.” He said approvingly. I heard footsteps then. I rushed back up to my room and ducked back into bed. A few minutes shortly I heard my bedroom door open, then the weight on my bed shifted. Matt kissed my cheek before wrapping his arm around my waist.
I twisted around so that I could face him. I smiled up at him. He smiled back. “Did I wake you?” He asked gently while stroking my arm.
I felt my eyes water. He frowned. “What’s wrong?” He leaned on his elbow so that he was hovering over me as his eyes roamed my body to spot any disturbance.
“Nothing.” I smiled as the tears fell.
“Then why are you crying?” He wiped away my tears.
“Because I’m so happy.” I said honestly. He grinned, kissing my cheeks.
“You won’t be so happy when I tell you your having dinner with my family tonight.” He teased. I laughed lightly had wrapped my arms around him, hugging him tighter than necessary.
“I would love that actually.” I smiled into his neck.
He chuckled, moving back to stare at my face. “Wait until you meet them.” He joked before moving forward and kissing my lips lightly.
As he moved back, I slowly opened my eyes. He was smiling at me. “Do you think they’ll approve of me?” I asked as my eyebrows knit together helplessly.
He grinned. “Of course! My mom and Jeer will love you.” He said, casually.
I frowned. “Jeer?”
He shook his head. “My step-dad.” He smiled, but there was a sadness in his eyes.
“Oh.” I said for a moment. “Wait happened to your real father?” I pressed.
His gaze darkened. “I don’t like talking about him.” His tone dangerously eager to end the conversation. I rubbed his shoulder.
“Sorry that I asked.” I mumbled. He looked up at me as if trying to reassure himself he hadn’t done anything wrong.
“No, I’m sorry for being weird about it.” He forced a smile. I leant forward and kissed him. I couldn’t help, but wonder what happened to his father?

Pacen’s P.O.V

I kept chasing after Abs, but she was too quick. I couldn’t catch her. The overwhelming darkness swallowed her up. I felt like I was choking. Then I kept getting a vision of that horrible man that hit Abby on the head with the gun. The sounds of her scream dying just as he had whacked her.
I sat up with my chest rising and falling quicker than usual. My bare chest was drenched in sweat. I felt something stir beside me and my body froze, then I felt Abby’s hand on my back and I felt less tense. I looked down at her. Her eyes were curiously gazing at me. “What’s wrong?” She asked, her voice a bit hoarse. She cleared her throat and sat up.
I went down and hugged her. She sighed as I held her. “Pacen, talk to me.” She whispered as my body began to quiver.
“I dreamt that I lost you again.” I said so soft I wasn’t sure she heard me.
I felt her chest rise under mine. “Pacen?” She whispered.
I looked up at her. We were both naked, covered by a thin blanket. Her hair spread across the pillow. She looked absolutely gorgeous. “You’ll never lose me.” She promised me. “You mean everything to me.” Her eyes were so vulnerable.
Carefully, I reached out and cradled her face. She leaned in to my palm. I studied her eyes. “Do you mean it?” I pressed her hand to my chest, to my heart. She nodded. “You’ll never love another like you’ve loved me?”
She smiled. “I only intend on loving you.” I felt my heart beating faster. “Kiss me.” She whispered. I leaned down to kiss her softly, but she lied me back down until she straddled my hips. Her lips were still pressed onto mine.
When she leant back I watched her. “I…(she kissed my jaw) will never…(she kissed down to my chest you.” She said in between kisses. I moaned a little as her hand trailed down my body.
I lifted her up so that she was facing me again. “I love you.”              

                      - - - - - *'* - - - - -

Abby was spread across the bed, lying on her stomach. I climbed on top of her slowly. Kissing her legs, her thighs, I playfully bit her bum as I grew higher she giggled at that. I kissed her back and up to her shoulders then her neck. My body completely pressed her down. “Are you officially ready to head back to school?” I asked, kissing her ear.
She sighed and turned her head to the side. “Not really, but we’re almost done now.” She half-smiled.
“Yeah.” I flopped to her side and trailed my fingers along the skin of her back. It was five in the morning. We hadn’t gotten any sleep at all, but I couldn’t care less. Spending all the time in the world with the one person you loved made everything worth it. She rose up a but and winked at me. I laughed because her hair covered her face then. “Oh, you look so sexy!” I mocked.
“Really?” She laughed uncovering her face. “Maybe I’ll make it more of my style.” She waggled her eyebrows.
“Hmmm.” I chuckled, pressing my lips to hers. “Let’s go make some pancakes?” I suggested.
She nodded. “Let me just grab my clothes.” I grabbed her before she could get out of bed.
“Why?” I raised eyebrow.
“I am not walking around your house naked! It’s bad enough we fooled around in here.” She said seriously.
‘We weren’t fooling around.” I traced her cheek. “We were making love. Big difference.”
She rolled her eyes. “Oh, gosh! What if your parents are home!?! Lord! What does your mother think of me?” She panicked. I did the only thing I knew that I could to calm her down. I kissed her.

Abby’s P.O.V

He kissed me, but it wasn’t our usual kisses. Lately, it’s felt like kisses that lingered. Kisses meant for a goodbye. I wasn’t sure why Pacen thought I was leaving him or having these ‘nightmares’, but he had to know that I loved him, right? “She loves you! I mean, what’s not to love?” He joked as his eyes raked my body. Lust quickly filling his eyes.
“Stop being such a horn-dog!” I shoved his shoulder. He laughed.
“Hey! In my defense, I’ve been dreaming about this since I was thirteen.” He gave me a cheeky grin.
“You’ve been dreaming of…?” I trailed off uncertain.
“I’ve been with you…doing this stuff is just a plus.” He said. I shook my head. “Anyway, I think we should have dinner with your parents tomorrow night, so we can tell everyone we’re finally together and clear the air and blah.” He smiled.
“Yeah, I think they’ve figured it out. But that sounds like a good idea to me.” I dreamily looked at him.
He ruffled my hair. “Now, let’s go make ’em pancakes, boggier!” He shouted before toppling over the bed. I threw a pillow at him, but missed, so I ended up chasing him into the bathroom.
“Don’t call me that anymore, jerk!” I said smashing his chest. He chuckled before closing the door with a mischievous smirk. ’What are you doing?” I attacked him, trying to get out, but he laughed and picked me up before pressing me against the wall and smashing his lips to mine.
“What about the pancakes?” I asked out of breath as he kissed my neck. “They’ll be there after our shower.” He murmured against my skin.

                 - - - - - *'* - - - - -  
After we finally managed to get downstairs and eat our pancakes, Pacen drove to school. This would be the first day back. I was back, the real me, and I was officially Pacen Stalin’s girlfriend. I felt completely anxious.
I mean, I held my breath the entire time he and I walked through the school’s parking lot. It was as if everything had been set in slow motion. Everyone stared at us. I hear people whisper things, like “she’s back”, “I’m glad they’re finally together”, “they’re so lucky”, and a few “how could they break their hearts”. I looked down feeling self-conscious. I knew mine and Pacen’s relationship was the best, but we’ve had a lot to deal with. I studied my gray converse as we made it through. And suddenly I thought ’I wish I had worn better clothes.’
Once we breached inside people casually asked me if I was okay and if there was anything they could do. Pacen smiled at them, and squeezed my hand for support. He walked me to my locker. “Hey!” He placed his thumb and index finger on my chin to tilt my head up. “Your gonna be fine. You look beautiful and everyone was concerned about you, but most importantly: I love you.” He egged on.
I laughed, a little relieved. “Abigail?” I heard an older, familiar voice. I turned to see Miss Dane, the school’s guidance counselor.
“Yeah?” I smiled at her.
Hesitantly, she said. “I heard about your accident, and I’m letting you and Devin know that it’d be in your best interest to see me after school.” She suggested.
I nodded. “Okay.” I looked at Pacen gingerly. “Can Pacen join me?” I raised a curious eyebrow. He gave me a bewildered look.
“Sure. Any support is welcomed.” She smiled before stalking off.
“Why did you do that?” Pacen asked, he sounded a bit angry.
“For support?” It sounded like a question.
He scowled. “I know you’re doing it because of the dream I had.” He shook his head. “I’m fine, really. You should worry about yourself.” He shrugged, but I could see it in his face that he was lying. Pacen wouldn’t be okay. And soon enough, none of us would.   

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