Chapter 12: Vampires, Humans, and Werewolves

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Sitting on the beach with the sun on my body and my feet in the warm sand I realized something. This felt amazing! Riley held my hand the whole time, rubbing it with his thumb. Everybody was either just sitting there or was talking with someone quietly. But I was so focused on listening to the ocean’s waves crashing together. It was very soothing.

After Emmett and I’s show down we all sat down to relax. I found this time to be good for thinking or in Edward’s case, listening in on mental conversations. I had mentally asked him if enjoyed my thoughts. He grinned and nodded. I had rolled my eyes. But I did have tons of time to think.

At one point I was thinking about Riley and I. Would we really marry later on in our lives? I think Edward tuned out at this point just cause he wasn’t looking at me any more or nodding his head at me. But I was really stuck on that. I know I had only known him for a short time but he was sweet and kind and super hot. I know he is smart but was he the guy for me?

I was snapped out of my thoughts when I heard some wolf whistling directed at me and my sisters. During my thinking Carlisle and Esme left to go walk down the beach and left us. And while they did this we got hid on. “Not again.” I thought.

“Has this happened before Cleo?” Edward asked. The boys were all the way down by the ocean and slowly making their way towards us. Everybody was now looking at me, waiting for my answer. My next sentence would either make people smile or go, “Ohhhh.”

“Well I was remembering how orange is Emmett’s color and how he spent the night in a jail cell. I don’t think orange is your color Riley.” I said honestly. He chuckled and put his arm around me. The boys were about half way up to us and still were wolf whistling. “Oh no.” I groaned.

Riley kissed my cheek and started playing with a piece of my hair. I don’t know how anybody was calm, but it might have something to do with Jasper and his gift. I guessed I was right off of Edward’s facial expressions. It was a very pretty and warm day and I wished that those boys wouldn’t ruin it.

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