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It had been three weeks since Harry had told Niall he loved him. Those words hadn't left his lips since the day Liam had come over and told them of Zayn's little episode.

Glancing from the corner of his eye, Niall looked at Harry. That hazel-eyes god was focused on the road, a dumb smile on his face. It wa the same smile he got whenever he was concentrating on something.

What could possibly he so important that he had out of nowhere stopped telling his boyfriend of two years he loved him? These thoughts and others flooded Niall's as he watched the trees whiz by outside. They were going to the Malik's house today for a visit. It was something they had always used to do until Louis car accident a year ago. He had actually been on the way to one of there little gatherings when the drunk driver had smashed into his car.

Niall could still remember when it flashed on the news. He remembered the call from a frantic and terrified Zayn but most of all, he remembered the look that had come to Louis face when the doctor had said the baby didn't make it.

"Maybe if I get that look on my face...", he muttered softly. At the doctors words, Zayn had flung himself at the hospital bed anddrug Louis into his arms just before the man had broken down. Maybe something bad happene to Niall like that, Harry would love him again.


The gruff british voice that had used to make him smile tore his attention away from his thoughts. Niall turned his head slowly to look at Harry. "Yeah?"

"I said, we're here lad."

Lad? Where had that come from? Harry hadn't called him that in over a year. Sadness expanded in his chest when he looked to see they were parke behind Zayn's car in the driveway. "Oh..."

"Yeah..", Harry gave that dimpled smile and unbuckled," They're excited your coming, Ni. You were sick last time.."

"Atleast someones happy to see me..". By the look in Harry's eyes, Niall knew he had heard. Without another word, Niall pulled the hood of his hoodie up to shield him from the rain. He hopped from Harry's car and ran off, hopping through the puddles to the front porch.

Two hazel eyes watched him with a fond smile. Niall was wearing his purple Jack Wills sweatshirt that swallowed his small frame. It was actually one Niall had given him for there six month anniversary. It was also the first time the words 'I love you' slipped from Niall's mouth.

The word love passed through his mind and made the smile on his face fade away. Even the rain that pounded the hood of his car couldn't block out the guilt he was feeling. He hadn't shown Niall any sort of affectionate for almost a month. A kiss or two here and there and an arm around his waist at night was all Harry gave him. But why?

Harry loved Niall, he loved him to death. But... Was it wrong he wasn't telling him? As the back of Niall's head disapearre into the Malik's home, Harry sighed and sat back. He had been treatin his boyfriend horrible here lately, but he didn't even know why.

Inside, Niall came into the living room just in time to see Zayn tug a giggling Louis onto the couch with him. "Hey...", he said quietly and forced a smile.

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