Chapter Fifteen

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I forgot to mention the drive to the lake house was a good 4 hours, which completely sucks if, for at least one of the hours you try to sleep and are constantly being awoken by two over excited boys and a cocky shit.

"Can one of you give me my phone out my bag?" I asked the twins as I assumed my bag was in here.
I had just awoken my very shit and short 'nap'.

"Your bag isn't in this car, cam put it in the truck," Nathaniel said, cutting his brother off, as he was also about to say the same thing.

"Well, can I use one of you guys' phones, I need the toilet and need to ask Joe if we can stop at the next service station" I whined, still in my tired state.

"Here, just use mine, the passcode is 1738" William handed me his phone, and I immediately typed in the passcode, making messages appear.

I had the urge to go through them, but that would be rude, plus it's none of my business who he texts.

I clicked off the messages and went to the call log and searched my brother's name.
As I was about to press call a message from Alice Waters showed up, all I could see was 'See you in two days at the...'. My senses got the best of me and I slid the message down.
'lake house, can't wait for it baby(;'
ugh ugh ugh
Even the way she texts pisses me off.
I am not jealous, just slightly annoyed that he invited her to a trip my brother planned for us all to go on, for my brother and I's birthday

I quickly realised that William will be wondering what I'm doing, so slid the message back up and called Joe.

"Joe, can we stop at the next service station I really need the toilet"

"It's Violet, I need the toilet too so we were gonna stop anyway"

"thank god, are you gonna call Cam and Olivia or am I?"

"I'll do it since your brother is probably gonna be less annoyed than what William will be" Violet chuckled on the other end of the phone.

"Okay, well it says the next service station is under a mile away so see you soon babycakes" I laughed at the nickname I gave her.

"Hehe bye baby see you soon sweet cheeks, n I'm not talking about the cheeks on your face" Violet made her voice high pitched, it almost reminded me of Alice and her 'friends'

Both Violet and I ended the call laughing at ourselves.

"Have a nice chat with your brother, babycakes?" William mimicked the nickname I have to Violet.

"No, actually I was talking to Violet" I sat his phone in the bit between our seats and watched as it locked.

"Hm, I never took you for the type to go for girls, that's kinda hot" His smirk became larger.

"I didn't take you as the type to fuck the schools whore then invite her to the lake house, but hey I guess we just don't know each other well enough" I hadn't realised what I said until it was out in the open and the twins went quiet, that's when I knew I must've sounded like a possessive, jealous girlfriend.

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